3 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise by Alexander Heyne

All right let’s be honest I know you’re looking for the easy way to lose belly fat and get apps and who isn’t right I mean why would you do it the hard way if you could do it the easy way will how can you actually do it without exercise. though if you watch videos like P. ninety X. or other you two videos you’re probably assuming you have to do three hours a day of plank that’s not necessarily true down this content. I’m gonna serve the guys how to actually lose belly fat as best you can without any exercise whatsoever.

Hey guys I’m Alex Hine author of the book master the day now in regard to losing belly fat the very first thing is to understand where your baseline is so. For example when I see baseline I mean male versus female your age your historical weight in your historical body fat even your body type. For example you may have been a leaner person genetically you may have been an overweight person slightly genetically those are going to affect certain things for example there is some research suggesting that different people have different amounts of Kerr polar it’s so lean person may be able to eat more carbs and dean less fat than someone who’s less carb colored that’s just an unfair fact the other thing is your age and your gender obviously your twenty two year old body is gonna be different from your fifty two year old body.

There are many women I know that they’re doing fine in the twenties thirties and forties and then they hit menopause suddenly gain weight despite eating right and working out and plenty of men the reach out to me in their mid to late thirties as soon as they get really sedentary maybe their sleep is getting messed up from having kids the pounding back three cups of coffee a day or they’re having a drink every night and they’re noticing the belly fat creep up, will also matters is your body type to begin with.

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For example some people they have a lot of fat accumulation from the waist down this is kind of a stereotypical pear shaped body now for other people though they’re pretty lean so the very first thing here for losing belly fat is to understand where your baseline is are you naturally meaner are you actually slightly more overweight but gender are you and what each are you because these are all gonna be factors that come into play the second thing here is that having a flat stomach is still at a high level dictated by calories at the end of the day. For example look at me as an extreme example in my late teens I was doing no aperture sizes and I was doing no exercise whatsoever such playing video games all day because I eat a healthy diet where I was raised and when I went to college I still eat healthy and cooked I had a really clear six back now I wasn’t fit at all I was severely under.

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Wait that was just genetically however was what I’m trying to say is with no exercise no planks no aperture sizes whatsoever I still had ABS which should go to suggest that it’s actually more about your body fat levels instead of doing exercises in order to get apps alright. that’s actually very important so whatever method you want to go about having the lower calories is up to you two of the things, I recommended that are easy are intermittent fasting for example trying the ratio I suggested in the intermittent fasting video previously war adopting a more low carb diet which tends to be for people the two easiest ways that I’ve seen in order to eat better which generally is in my experience the easiest way that people can actually eat less calories without feeling like they’re eating less calories the third thing here is to add thirty grams of protein each meal.

I’ve had clients do this that are both vegan and vegetarian as well as carnivores that eat meat what I find is that with people eating thirty grams of protein per meal they are way more full, they naturally crave way less carbs their blood sugar is more stable they have better energy and they lose more body fat so one of the reasons is that higher protein is going to increase the proper levels of for example testosterone and also a lower carb diet is gonna system rebalancing some of the hormones.

For example quarters all estrogen testosterone so besides the thirty grams of protein with each meal which could mean some eggs it could mean a piece of meat it could mean beans and rice or something else besides that in particular the strictest version of losing belly fat without any exercise.  whatsoever would be basically a strict specific carbohydrate diet or a strict paleo which would be basically just meat plants and fats so almost everyone your meals would look something like this where you have for example eggs facts and vegetables salmon with a ton of vegetables and facts chicken or steak with a ton of vegetables and facts and that’s been my experience the most because.

Adding and of a diet where that’s difficult for most people but it’s also the most effective in terms of losing body fat staying full and still being pretty healthy at the end of the day because you’re still getting protein fats and getting some carbs via the vegetables so I hope that helps as far as the primary goes on losing belly fat without exercise now the end of the day though it’s going to depend on you and for most people it actually you probably will take exercise you can lose belly fat without the exercise but to get the level of toning and a level of cutting that most men and women one it’s probably gonna taope ke exercise the end of the day to build more muscle mass and lose more belly fat and you’re gonna just looked toned and fit our overall anyway so I that helps remember your tiny do we had for today is to understand look at where you are adjusted based on your unique circumstances.

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