Study Abroad Consultants

Are you dealing with A True Study Abroad Consultant or an agent? An agent is one whose chief source of income happens to be the commission he gets from the universities he associates with or “recommends”. Thus he will be loyal to the institutions abroad rather than the student in India. This is the #1 factor that will help you distinguish between the true and the “agents”

Is your Study Abroad Consultant A Career Maker? Is your consultant offering you a short-term educational plan or is he looking specifically beyond the degree and more into your career plan? Your overseas educational consultant must be able to consider future career prospects and your aptitude and interest and advise you on the best course of action. If he is just providing you the easiest course of action, the end result of the same is likely to be your frustration.

The most popular or advertised Study Abroad Consultant may not always be the best for you. An educational consulting company may advertise some 20 cases of scholarships. However, when you consider the fact that they advised more than 2000 students, the reliability does come under question. A consultant with just 100 students and 20 cases of scholarships would be a much better option for you.

Is your Study Abroad Consultant personalized in his approach to your case? Are you dealing mainly with staff that provides you a checklist of documents and just a basic review/editing of what you write in essays? It’s time to change your consultant then! Hire someone who is best at projecting your admissions case to leading universities

Is your consultant specialized?

Consider this myth: studying abroad especially in America is an extremely expensive proposal and is not meant for middle-class students. At some offices, more than 80% of the students who have completed their degrees from the USA hail from the middle class where the sponsor has no additional sources of income. The specialized consultant is thus well aware of scholarship opportunities in a given country(s) through his research and network

Free Advice from Friends and Relatives abroad is good! But can it replace a U.S Education expert who handles 1000 cases a year? For a free consultation appointment and Information about studying in the US, visit US education consultants Offices.