Evolving Technologies in Music Education

The nature of music has changed significantly in the last fifteen years. These modern age technologies have changed the way music is made and distributed all over the world. Music classes in Singapore are ensuring that their students are aligned with the latest in music technology. The days of learning music just on the piano are way over. Educationists world over agree to the fact that students who take music classes perform well in studies too. There is a clear connection between the processing of information and music.

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The Statistics and Facts

Teachers are using multimedia tools to teach music to children in schools. Gadgets like iPads, for example, have completely revolutionized the way music is taught in schools.

Teachers and children are commonly using it to learn melody, percussion, timing, and tuning of instruments.

Garageband – Creating Music the Tech Way

The program is called Garageband and comes preloaded in every computer from Apple. This software has brought about significant change in the way music was being perceived. The software is accessible to all and that’s what makes it such a huge success.

Students and teachers can choose from a long series of loops, preset patterns in rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. The interface is very user friendly and gives the option for drag and drop to its users. Even novices can manage to create music with it.

The Guitar Hero – Fun Way to Learn Music

It has been produced by RedOctane and Activision. It was launched with PS 2in 2005. Revised versions namely Guitar Hero 2,3,4 5 and World Tour were subsequently released.

The game basically comes with a pre-formatted console that resembles a guitar-shaped console. The user is required to make hand movements similar to playing the guitar. The software was a huge hit on release and has a strong fan base. As it is the case with GarageBand, users with no knowledge of music can easily use The Guitar Hero to make their own music.

Sibelius – Compositions Made Easy

The producer of this software is Avid Technology Inc. This software can be used for arranging and composing music.

The program primarily focuses on writing music in its purest notation and is supported by features like playback, templates, and other audio output features. Due to its technical detailing, it is ranked at number two in the market for music composition, by professionals.

It comes with a WYSIWYG interface that gives the user a load of editing options. There are templates for voice, instruments, and assembly. The composition can even be converted to PDF before its distribution. The program can also convert files into music notations.

Music education in Singapore or elsewhere is likely to become more advanced (and effortless) as more of these technologies, tools, and applications hit the classrooms.