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This option can be used to schedule your polls one after another. Are you creating a poll to collect accuracy-sensitive data? As soon as I got done with their help. Yes, you can customize your poll to request additional information. Polls that have a live countdown timer do phenomenally better than open-ended polls. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place Unhelpful error messages that highlight problems upon publishing but don't provide hints as to what configuration option needs to be changed? Ultra-Fast Support Personal $85 $ 37 Use On 5 Sites 30 + Designs Multiple Questions Facebook and Google Integration Media Questions Pie Chart Results Buy Now One Time Payment 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Plus $153 $ 57 Use […], EASILY RUN A FULL-FEATURED POLL ON WORDPRESS Intuitive and Friendly Interface Fast and Accurate No coding required Autonomous Poll Scheduling Customizable Display Download now Our Full-Package features Built In Templates Customize Templates To Match Website Style GDPR and CCPA Compliant Poll Restriction and Security Unlimited Number Of Polls​ Custom Fields Accept Answers from your voters […], Facebook, Google & reCaptcha Integration – Step by step guide – Facebook Google Google reCaptcha Facebook Integration Step 1 For the first, you need to go to the Facebook developers website https://developers.facebook.com On the top right corner select Login. I give this software and its support service a A++++. From there you can set up new user polls and customize each one to fit the needs of your site. Proudly display your poll results on a colorful and very easy to understand Pie Chart. I have never seen that even with paid plugins. With best regards, Tried several popular poll plugins but kept YOP-poll as final solution for my site as the free version perfectly fitted my needs. Integration sets up in just minutes, with step-by-step developer instructions provided. Introduce a timer to create both excitement and user-engagement. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. This is it. YOP Poll adds a new custom post type for Polls.

Vote permissions: – limits the voting accessibility to guests, registered users or both, or blocks user access by cookie, IP and username. More Functionality. Designed to intuitive and easy to use, this plugin allows shortcodes and includes a widget functionality that fits perfectly with your WordPress website. You can ban users by email, username and IP and you can set the limitation preferences for all your polls or for just one of them. Drag and drop text blocks allow you to easily add text blocks, exactly where you want it. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Best poll plugin with unprecedented support, Upload ‘plugin-name.php’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress, updated icons for View Results and Get Shortcode, fixed issue with duplicate answers when viewing results, fixed issue with google reCaptcha loading intermitently when polls are loaded with ajax, fixed issue with google reCaptcha when allowing votes from guests and wordpress users, fixed issue with wp login window blocking voting if window is manually closed, fixed issue with votes not being deleted when poll is removed, fixed issue with logs not being deleted when poll is removed, fixed issue with guest voting and limit number of votes, fixed issue on edit poll screen that was causing polls to stop displaying when a new template was choosen, added option to keep/remove plugin data on uninstall, added default message with tags for email notifications, fixed issue with blocking voters when wordpress voting is enabled, fixed security issue when previewing a poll, fixed issue with loader not being shown when voting, fixed issue with answers displayed below radio/checkbox controls on small screens, fixed issue with polls loading in facebook inapp browser, fixed issue with scroll location when there is an error in voting, moved voting buttons at the bottom of poll container, added links to answers when displaying results, added support for adding custom fields on click, fixed issue with answers being displayed twice in results, fixed display issue for Sort Results when “As Defined” is choosed, improved polls display when a start/end date is choosed, fixed issue with other answers when “Show in results” is set to Yes, removed extra space on results page when an answer has no votes, fixed issue with editing poll duplicating new elements, fixed issue with resetting settings when plugin was disabled, fixed issue with customizing skin throwing an error on saving poll, fixed issue with results not sorting “View Results” option, added labels to answers for better user experience, fixed issue with built in captcha not working on nginx environments, fixed issue with other answers when resetting votes, fixed issue with timezones when using block feature, added columns for username and email on View Votes screen, added notifications messages to admin settings, added scroll to thank you/error message after voting, fixed issue with thank you message not being displayed when GDPR enabled, updated notification messages for blocks and limits, load plugin js and css only on plugin pages, fixed issue with exporting custom fields data, added column for each custom field when exporting votes, fixed issue with “Show total answers” being set to “Yes” when “Show total votes” is set to “Yes”, added ability to set number of polls displayed per page, fixed issue with results colour when poll is ended, fixed issue with generating page for poll, fixed issue with displaying number of votes and percentages, fixed issue with redirect after vote time, fixed issue with notices showing up on front pages, fixed issue with navigation links on archive page, start date and end date easier to read on the front end, Fixed issue with showing results before vote, Fixed issue with automatically reset stats, Fixed issue with pagination on archive page, Added new shortcuts for email notifications, Added new column for username in view votes page, Fixed issue with vote button not showing up, Fixed issue with polls not being displayed, Fixed issue with inserted code when using html editor, Fixed issue with links color being overwritten, Fixed issue with start date and end date not displaying corectly, Added email notifications customization per poll, You can now change the order answers are being displayed.

Latest Poll id = -2: [yop_poll id=”-2″]


[yop_poll id=”-1″ offset=”0″] displays the first active poll found, [yop_poll id=”-1″ offset=”1″] displays the second one, Added ability to to add a custom message to be displayed after voting, Added ability to allow users to vote multiple times on the same poll, Added ability to redirect to a custom url after voting, Added ability to edit polls and templates author, Added ability to set a response as default, Added ability to edit number of votes (very usefull when migrating polls), Fixed issue with start date and end date when adding/editing a poll, Fixed issue with the message displayed when editing a poll, Fixed js issue causing the widget poll not to work, Added ability to use custom loading animation, Fixed issue with update overwritting settings, Fixed compatibility issue with Restore jQuery plugin, Fixed issue with Loading text displayed above the polls, Fixed issue with deleting answers from polls, Added loading animation when vote button is clicked, Fixed issue with menu items in admin area, Added option to auto generate a page when a poll is created, Fixed bug that was causing issues with TinyMCE Editor, Added option to view logs grouped by vote or by answer, Fixed bug that was causing poll not to update it’s settings, Added ability to change the text for Vote button, Added ability to display the answers for Others field, Fixed sort_answers_by_votes_asc_callback() bug, Fixed compatibility issues with other plugins, Fixed bug that was causing widgets text not to display, Fixed do_shortcode() with missing argument bug. Under “All Polls”, each poll has an option called “Get Code”. If you can't, save your money. No problem.

You can simultaneously run multiple polls. I'll support by upgrading to pro. Даже бесплатная версия вполне годится для использования. Quickly allow poll participants to participate by securely logging into their Facebook or Google profiles. Check your page or post now. Make the most of your poll’s exposure and traction by asking as many questions as you want. Ultra-Fast Support Personal € 17 Use on 1 Site 30 + Designs Multiple Questions Images Questions Videos Questions Facebook and Google Integration Pie Chart Results Text Slider Questions Countdown Timer Control Upgrade To Pro One Time Payment 30 Days […], Take your polls to a whole new level with YOP Poll Pro More Features. Clicking on that will display a popup that generates the code you need to place in your page or post. “YOP Poll” is open source software. Beyond that, what has me amazed is the AMAZING support you receive from them. Please continue to develop your plugin. The plugin works perfectly, no problem at all. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Can’t find the color scheme you are after? If you can use the free version, maybe it's fine. Scheduling your polls is no longer a problem.

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