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In my humble opinion the executives or people in charge dropped the ball by not being ahead of the curve. In a similar way to what you describe for the SEO, it’s getting too hung up on a couple of technical points. Moreover, the text link counter allows you to find such called orphaned content easily. Lots of hype and oversimplification.

Here, you should choose whether your posts, pages, templates, and legal pages should be visible in search results delivered by various search engines. You can read more about it at the main website, elevatewp.io.

It's crazy they make this claim because Yoast has nothing to do with the quality of your links, thin content, or even selecting good keywords.

An orphaned content is content that does not get any links from other posts. As a user of the plugin reviewed in this post, you have a possibility of a very fast and easy checking of your posts’ SEO and readability scores. How it looks when I share this post on Facebook…. 2. According to the plugin, the content is well optimized for two keyphrases, and it requires some improvements for the other three. This is what your page might look like on a Google search result page.

Thanks Duane!

Last month (2) Last 3 months (8) Last 6 months (14) Last year (50) Any time (224) By Topic.

Maybe you’ve heard of sitemaps, maybe not.

In this step, you need to select whether your website is a site of a person or an organization. As a semi-newbie to SEO I was always skeptical on the focus on the content optimization that Yoast provided.

Make informed, executive decisions about which suggestions to follow through on. I’m totally in agreement that it’s a baller tool for one of those tasks. But it’s important to be aware of its limitations as well as its super powers. Best of all, the tools are free, and so’s the list! I wrote it precisely for the reasons you mentioned above, that is I don’t think it’s a good strategy to encourage people to write like robots or to stuff keywords repeatedly in the content. Ana – Blogging Growth Strategist & Coach Inbound and outbound links are quite important SEO factor – every page should have some ingoing and outgoing links. Focus keyword. I prefer to insert links manually as it’s more personalized.

This is 100% normal when targeting secondary keywords, so you can ignore them. Instead of thinking of Yoast’s greenlight tool as the voice of the SEO gods telling you to do this, that, and the other to your content, think of it as a simple writing tool. If you go to Yoast help it tells you to ignore this if you did it deliberately. I rank #1 for both keywords using this strategy…. I can bet that before reading this article, you had this question in your mind. The multiple focus keywords feature is pretty much useless, redirects can be setup using free redirect plugins, and nothing in Yoast Premium directly improves your SEO.

Thanks for the insight. I always tell clients to use the individual suggestions as hints and ideas, but as long as the overall traffic light up top right is green, not to worry about the others.

The Readability tab analyzes your content for (you guessed it) readability. It’s also good to know that Yoast Premium is entirely free of ads. Your email address will not be published.

Very informative.

So in this article, you will read about our complete, up-to-date, and interesting Yoast SEO Free vs Premium comparison.

See, most people don’t know anything about writing for SEO when they download Yoast. Yoast only allows you to create 1 redirect at a time while this free plugin allows 3. Conclusion: Yoast’s bullets only turn green when you use exact focus keywords (secondary keywords are usually used as partial matches) so the SEO analysis becomes useless for secondary keywords. Have you ever noticed that when you post a link to your content on Facebook, it pulls your snippet tag, page title, and the featured image you set in WordPress?

In my opinion, it makes some sense to use it. Your SEO score. If you continue using it, we assume you are happy with our, I moved to Cloudways for 2x faster load times, Secondary keywords must be researched (just like your primary), Secondary keywords must have same search intent as the primary keyword, Craft your headline, SEO title, meta description to read well and include keywords, Partial matches for secondary keywords prevents spammy keyword stuffing, Ignore the SEO analysis for secondary keywords since partial matches are used, Authenticate Yoast with Google Search Console under SEO → Search Console, Wait a few days for the data to populate (full population often takes several weeks), Fix all crawl errors in the Search Console section using Yoast’s redirect manager, Allows you to import redirects from Redirection Plugin and .htaccess, Comes with multiple redirect options: 301 (default), 302, 307, 410, 451, Existing redirects from other plugins must be added manually, If you have to import redirects manually, you get a notification every time you add a redirect (gets annoying). Besides, he is the founder & owner of AliveBetter blog, where you will find some cool information about blogging, SEO, marketing, and the techniques of making money online on your blog. To optimize for both, your primary keyword should usually be used as an exact match while your secondary keyword should be a partial match.

As a full-time WordPress SEO blogger, it’s my duty to have Yoast SEO Premium. It’s great for beginners. You need to tell which parts are about the review and what … No, it's not helpful because secondary keywords are usually used as partial matches and Yoast won't detect these, so the SEO analysis becomes useless for secondary keywords. If you’re just looking for a simple way to fix crawl errors, you can use the free Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin.

And although the feedback they give is specific to these sites, these can be very helpful for any site owner out there. I have Yoast Premium (only because I write reviews for a living) and don't use their internal linking feature.

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