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Scout understands the importance of storage, and their options have been taken to the next level with the Kenai. Scout II Traveler (1976–1980): This version had a removable.

This highly versatile lightweight truck camper is built for adventurous families, minimalist travelers, and weekend warriors.

The Safari was also offered with Chrysler's 7.2 l "440 RB" engine, while the lesser Sahara could be had with the Nissan SD33 diesel engine.[7]. Despite its size and features, the camper top has an estimated weight of 1,370 pounds thanks to its aluminum exoskeleton and use of composite materials. This means you can enjoy all the comforts of a typical RV wherever you are. As the largest and most-featured Scout model, the Kenai offers a bathroom space, mud room, optional RinseKit, expandable full to queen-size bed, and extendable storage. However, this was just a clay model when International bowed out of automotive production in 1980. 16928 deluxe interior From 1977 to 1980, IH contracted with Midas Van Conversion Co. of Elkhart, Indiana, to build special luxury models to be offered through its dealers. Since your tray is now taken over by the camper, you are left with a limited amount of space to store your adventure toys. hasn’t quite hit the market yet, however, it is going to be aimed at full-sized, half-ton trucks. The 1978–79 package order code on the line ticket was 10992. In 1977, Jerry Boone, of Parker, Arizona, finished first among 4x4 production vehicles in the Baja 1000. The 1979 International Scout SSV Prototype. The materials used in constructing the camper are of marine grade meaning they are the best of the best in terms of durability.
This toilet is designed to maximize space as it pivots out for use and then locks back into a stowed position. However, these early 800 models still got the weaker Dana 27 that was more prone to axle shafts breaking during heavy use off-road. In addition to Kenai's usable space increase, the camper offers a bigger bed (full size that extends into a 60” x 80” queen-sized mattress) and the L-shaped Convertible Lounge that easily transitions into 2 single beds at night. Only three Shawnee Scouts were produced. IH is rectangular. The 1961 model year Scout 80 made its debut in late 1960. Scout SSIIs took top honors in off-road racing during the late 1970s. Nevertheless, both models can be considered extremely rare.

The Spirit of 76 had a special blue soft top and blue/red side applique, and was only available on the Scout II. There was no product definition to use as a guide. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The Scout II was introduced in 1971. These vehicles had swivel bucket seats, shag carpet, color-keyed interiors, door panels, headliner, grille guards, dual sunroofs, overhead clocks, third seats, reading lights, tinted windows, fender flares, and special side appliques and paint designs. 885102 10-15 front tires The Monteverdi Safari was made by Monteverdi, the Swiss brand of luxury cars, who used Scout IIs to produce well-equipped luxurious off-road station wagons. These UTVs were built by Club Car. Scout hasn’t released the full specs yet but what we do know is that along with all the standard features found in their other campers, the Kenai will include a full bathroom and wardrobe plus extra exterior storage whilst keeping the weight down and utilities multi-functional.

Externally, changes were limited to an anodized aluminum grille with a rectangular "International" logo paced on the grille, the IH badge was moved to the hood, the door handles became the button type, and the tailgate no longer included the "hooks". Probably one the rarest models ever produced by IH was the 1980 RS: the Special Limited Edition RS Scout. A lot of other top truck campers rely on shore power or simply old fashioned torchlight. November 1968 had the introduction of the 800A, which replaced the 800. However, here are some things to consider….

The campers are available for purchase through dealerships, however, if you can’t find one near you, simply contact them via their website to organise a purchase.

If you would like to check them out in action, follow them on Instagram. It was a flat-sided bare-bones product, and American military personnel learned to appreciate its ability to maneuver over rough terrain. [citation needed] Boone also won in 1978 at Riverside, California. The last International Scout rolled off the assembly line on October 21, 1980. The Scout Truck Campers were specifically designed with weight in mind. As such, Scout Campers says the Kenai is four-season capable. Dana 27 axles were used for the front and rear wheels in the 80 and 800 models until around 1968.

This package included special paint and decals, chrome trim, sliding travel-top windows, and other "high dollar" options such as roof racks, chrome wheels, and upgraded interiors. It had special extras inside and out, including polycast wheels with Tahitian Red (metallic) accent, luxurious plush all-velour russet interior including headliner and visors, special pin striping, wood-grain trim instrument panel and shift console, chrome bumpers, tinted glass, and more. Think of all the Home Depot runs you could make in this beauty. There is absolutely no wood used in the construction of Scout Campers and this is because they are built to last.

Remember, that in most places you can’t empty greywater straight onto the road for example. Yakima, Washington (August 20th, 2020) - Scout Campers, the lightweight, off-grid truck camper brand that launched in April of this year, launched its third model today – the Kenai. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Scout Campers Launches With Minimalist Olympic Drop-In Truck Shell, Yoho Camper Shell Is A Feature-Rich Topper For Small Pickup Trucks, Scout Campers Kenai Truck Topper Has A Full Bathroom, Queen Size Bed,, Best Renderings Of The Week: From 2-Door Hummer EV To BMW X8. Buyers can choose between a cassette toilet that pivots and stows when not in use, or a 2.6-gallon portable toilet by Domestic. In 1980, the final year of production for the Scout, the grille was a very distinctive design, available with black or silver, a one-piece grille with square headlights, made of ABS plastic. Mold and rot are common problems encountered by many truck campers and RV-ers… even at the most high-end prices. The Scout Kenai is now available for build, price, and pre-order at The Scout Truck Campers were specifically designed with weight in mind.

These models had many improvements in comfort and design, including bucket seats, better instrumentation and heating systems, updated dashboard, optional rear seats, and optional 196 four-cylinder (from 1966), or 232 inline-six. It’s designed to fit in any full-size truck with either a short or long-bed configuration.

CVI: Custom Vehicles Incorporated (also associated with Good Times, Inc.) was a company located around the corner from the Ft. Wayne Scout Assembly Plant (Good Times was located in Arlington, Texas) that produced special models for IH dealers in 1979 and 1980. See one here. The 800A could still be ordered with the Sportop (a slanted sporty top made of canvas or fiberglass), and later in Aristocrat and SR-2 packages. The Patriot had a hard top and the same blue/red side applique, but was available in a Scout II, Terra, or Traveler. However, International ultimately deemed the idea to be cost-prohibitive, and stuck to making the Scout out of steel. Cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks Cars.

Newer to the market in this category is Scout Campers. A three-speed A727 automatic made by Chrysler was optional. Not in the USA? The soft-top model was tagged the "SSII" by IH marketing. The Super Scout II, or SSII, is an especially sought after cult classic from the revered Scout Line for its raw and stripped-down style that appealed to the advent of adventurers when the 4×4 fad started experiencing a Renaissance. International Harvester didn't want to sell its prototype fiberglass SSV bodies, so most were simply disposed of, with their chassis being sold separately for parts. Scout Campers says the Kenai is now available for pre-order.

A variety of parts was used on these vehicles, so the expression "no two are quite the same" is not that far off.

The largest truck topper from Scout Campers, the Kenai is packed with features in a small, removable camping shell for pickups.

If I'm not training for my next 100 mile trail race then you can probably find me exploring a new trail with my family. Overland Vehicle on a Budget: Under $7,500 Spent, Go Fast Campers: Owner Q&A Plus Product Overview. Other differences occur, but this is the quickest method. Pickup trucks with drop-in toppers can offer modest accommodations, and the latest offering from Scout Campers called the Kenai isn’t short on space or features. You Too Can Live the Big Rig Life With This Four-Door 1978 International Truck. The portable and multi-functional nature of Scout and it’s components has created a new direction for the off-grid camper industry. The original Scout was almost made of plastic instead, according to Truck Trend. The campers start at $23,625 USD.

Scout II (1971–1980): The later standard production model with a removable soft or hard top (100-in wheelbase).

This model received executive approval for appearance. Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that the additional extras that are pretty essential such as the cooktop are quite expensive. According to Four-Wheeler, only two complete SSVs were known to have survived, along with three partially complete SSV 100-inch chassis and two composite bodies. The SSV lives on in many hearts as the "1981 Scout," and represents the neat Scout we could've had if International had kept building SUVs: one that wasn't so prone to rust. The Scout II (made between 1971 and 1980) had the following engine options: the 196 4-cylinder, 232 6-cylinder (early production), 258 6-cylinder (later production), 304 V-8, and 345 V-8. The new Mud Room contains a built-in stainless-steel drain pan and curtain enclosure located at the entrance of the camper.

The vacuum-powered wipers were moved to the bottom of the windshield frame with the fixed windshield. Starting at just under $20,000 may seem a little expensive at first, however, if you think of it as an investment, I believe that it is actually extremely affordable. In 1953, it added a truck-based people carrier, the Travelall. Clay models of this showed an evolution of the Scout II into a more rounded body somewhat resembling the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer.

Experience the thrill of navigating the world in a Scout truck camper.

Camions, fourgonnettes, engins de construction & caravanes sont disponibles à la vente. Line tickets of the special-package Scouts (and some nonpackage units) were stamped.

The first Scout SSV prototype was built on a shortened 95-inch Scout chassis and featured an angled rear hatch.

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