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The chef is fantastic, and its roots as an omakase place show through as he carefully puts together each bowl with huge attention to detail. For information on how you can sponsor content on SPOTLIGHT, please contact, Sacramento County Department of Child Support Services. Sometimes we'll close online ordering for short periods when things get a bit crazy. The clam miso soup was light and delicate but packed full of sweet clammy flavors with a savory taste of the sea. Southpaw Bar & Sushi has officially been rebranded as Mizuya Japanese Restaurant. • Children older than 7 years old are welcome but required to order a full Omakase course When the “Chirashi” bowl arrived, I was quite puzzled it was clearly a Bara Chirashi with diced up cubes. Find similar, - APPETIZER (Chef’s selection of 2 appetizers), - APPETIZER (Chef’s selection of 3 appetizers), Salmon slices topped on a Japanese rice bowl, Assortment of freshly imported sashimi served on a Japanese rice bowl, Light toasted Australian wagyu beef served with Japanese rice, Baked unagi on a Japanese rice bowl with a side serving of mixed sashimi,…/nikka-taketsuru-pure-malt,,…/ultra-aged-spirits-ripping-you-o…/, The nearest bus stop to Southpaw Bar & Sushi are. Bincho (Tiong Bahru) Needless to say it was very, VERY good. How Are Sacramento Restaurants Handling the Coronavirus? The clam miso soup was light and delicate but packed full of sweet clammy flavors with a savory taste of the sea, The warm broth was a comforting and hearty dish that helped wash down the rich decadent flavors of the cold seafood from previous courses, Great tasting and genuinely delicious lunch sets that in my opinion are the best at their price range, Every part of it is just mouthwatering perfection, Its roots as an omakase place show through as he carefully puts together each bowl with huge attention to detail, They were getting a huge salmon delivered and it was actually pretty entertaining to watch it get broken down, Next thing on the list of food I have to try here is the Omakase, Basically a food journey that builds up the whole way through for a satisfying finish) but… was legitimately too distracted by the food to take photos, Then the slices are arranged on a bed of fluffy, Like how the spring onions were soaked in water beforehand to give them a slightly milder flavour that complimented the meat perfectly, Lunch Set comes with freshly prepared miso soup, This is the first one that I see pairing sushi and other Japanese food with scotch whiskey, So that customers are not rushed through dinner, He gets to spend some time speaking with everyone throughout the night, Explaining the pairings of non Japanese whiskies with Japanese food, We watched as they seared the block of wagyu with the chef’s torch, It’s super tasty with seaweed mixed right in, Slicked up with the runny egg and teriyaki sauce, The tenderness of meat is just blow blowing, My favourite rice bowl here the beef was so tasty and soft, It also came with a good sprinkling of garlic chips, Topped off with some ikura for a nice salty pop, The thing I love about Southpaw is that they use proper wasabi (which is the only type I like), ✨ And this sashimi unajyu set lunch is definitely a winner, It has one of everything if you are spoilt for choice, Mixed sashimi mini platter with a big slab of perfectly grilled unagi served on savory seaweed rice, This set comes with a very generous piece of unagi AND a personal plate with six slices of sashimi, The unagi leaned more towards the charred version and went very well with their special rice that came mixed with seaweed, This set came with a generous slice of unagi and complemented the mixed seaweed rice really well, What’s even better is that it also comes with your own personal plate of sashimi and a piping hot bowl of miso soup, The buttery soft Wagyu beef is flawlessly seared, Golden garlic bits and chopped chives are sprinkled over before a beautifully cooked egg is laid on top, The thin slices of well marbled wagyu were soft and flavourful, They were pretty generous with the portion, You can tell just by looking at the color of the tuna that this is quality stuff, Everything flown in from japan (except oysters those are from scotland), As the place was too small to accommodate all of us inside, 9 North Buona Vista Drive #01-06/07, Singapore 138588, 320 Orchard Road #01-04 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865, 390 Orchard Road #B1-02/02A/03 Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871, 181 Orchard Road #01-16 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896, BBQ, Western Restaurants, Good For Groups Restaurants.

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