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Label edit issue and special characters handling.

Email mechanism changed to avoid delayed notifications. Approximate read-time: 7.5 minutes. Multipage Form

This will make the plugin faster.

Unique ID issue reported here: Plugin code structure updated.

You can create any number of forms with all the required fields. Change some ‘optional’ settings in Login Widget Settings (admin panel left side menu) and you are good to go. Option to redirect users to requested URL after successful login.

( Array of options to control the form output.

Shortcode for current user has been added in Auto Reply email for Contact/Other type for form. You can learn more about how to process input in our PHP tutorial. File upload allowed extension issue after re-saving the form. This plugin has made my site functionality more professional and efficient, and the support from the plugin author can't be beat. Make sure to reload the default styling of the plugin from plugin settings page. Just install the plugin and add the login widget in the sidebar. reCaptcha hidden from logged in users (For contact form). Option added to disable Nonce check valivation in login form. Simple, clean and intelligible layout for "normal" users. Filters the default login form output arguments. Support all fields : Text, Textarea, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Email, Phone, Number, Date, File etc. You can choose the redirect page after login. Tip: You can also use the following javascript to close the modal by clicking outside of the modal content (and not just by using the "x" or "cancel" button to close it): Tip: Go to our HTML Form Tutorial to learn

I don't know if the reports of all the 5 star reviews are fake or not, but for me this was a one click takedown of my entire site. Default 'user_login'. I've blocked subscribers from the admin area so they will then never be able to set a better one. Submission Labels included in exported CSV. It sends an email with the new password and the new password is only 7 characters long, much too short to be save. Price calculation bug when only single selection allowed.

The login form HTML is echoed by default. Thanks. Use this shortcode [login_widget] to use login form in your pages/ posts.

Write context error in class-user.php (For older PHP versions.). (In frontend My Account).

Once this was done, everything works fine.

Highly recommend! Filter added to customize the validation logic (‘erf_custom_validation’).

Global Settings and Form Configure UI improvements. More filters and hooks are added in the plugin. This is very useful for websites that are managed by multiple WordPress users or run a membership/affiliate platform.

IN addition the code does not refresh, so you have no chance of entering a new one. WooCommerce My Account translation issue. Dynamic placeholders added for User Activation notification. Contact Forms can now accept the payments without login. Default false (unchecked). Option to change Error Login Message from plugin settings section. Follow these steps for an easy set up. Forgot password link can be added to login widget from plugin settings page.


Facebook, Google, YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft, WordPress, Amazon, Github, Tumblr, Vimeo, Reddit, Dribbble, Twitch, Medium, Discord, Line, Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow, Disqus, Blogger, Meetup, Foursquare, Yandex, VKontakte, Telegram, Dropbox, Fitbit and Instagram accounts and the most important part is that it requires no Setups, no Maintanance, no need to create any APPs, APIs, Client Ids, Client Secrets or anything. GDPR checkbox and reCaptcha elements position corrected. Default auto reply message changed for Contact Form. [login_widget title=”Login Here”].

Decimal value allowed in Number type field.

'label_remember'(string) Label for the remember field.

Contact Form full width message area in two column layout. Plan feature improvement for better control from conditional fields add on. View file included in submission notification. 'id_submit'(string) ID attribute value for the submit button. Forgot password form email address added.

And we are not fake. Default is to redirect back to the request URI. Contact me at, Or you can write comments directly to my plugins page.

Easy Registration Forms allows you to create powerful User Registration Forms in WordPress. Improved error handling on WooCommerce My Account page. File attachments visible during edit submission from Admin.

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