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In-game sprites of a normal and angry Scarfy, In-game images of Hunter Scarfy in its docile (top) and angry (bottom) forms in,, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, Since Scarfies are catlike creatures, they appear along with other catlike characters in the. Defeating them likewise causes them to detonate, harming Kirby if he gets caught in their blast. Just like in the games, the Scarfies will become their mutant forms to protest Kirby's inhale ability. It guards a bag containing Coo; once the Scarfy is destroyed, the owl is freed. A Scarfy in his Mutant form is able to pass from the background to the foreground (or vice-versa) in pursuit of Kirby. They can't be inhaled and eventually explode on their own. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Scarfy can be found in the following levels and stages: Scarfy once again appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Scarfy would explode upon defeat regardless of how they were defeated; in more recent games they no longer explode under normal circumstances. Antler • Barbar • Beetley • Birdon • Blade Knight • Blipper • Bronto Burt • Broom Hatter • Burner Guardian • Cappy • Chilly • Chip • Clown Acrobot • Como • Craby • Degout • Dekabu • Flamer • Foley • Fuwa Rover • Ghost Book • Ghost Dish • Ghost Gordo • Gigatzo • Glunk • Gordo • Grandy • Grizzo • Horror Tramp • Hot Head • Kabu • Key Dee • Knuckle Joe • Lanzer • Leafan • Mamanti • Moonja • Mumbies • Nidoo • Noddy • Pacflower • Pacto • Parasol Waddle Dee • Parasol Waddle Doo • Pierce • Poppy Bros. Jr. • Ringle • Rocky • Rope Waddle Dee • Rope Waddle Doo • Scarfy • Searches • Sheld • Shotzo • Sir Kibble • Soarar • Sparky • Springy Hand • Spynum • Squishy • Tick • Waddle Dee • Waddle Doo • Wheelie • Whippy • Woodcutter Waddle Dee, Hypernova The Scarfy wiggled just a bit from the pressure--Kirby couldn't eat him! In Return to Dream Land, some kinds of Scarfy only chase you if you're holding a key. The Scarfies are also one of the few monsters that Kirby does not actually destroy, but merely pacifies. Even then, Dedede was forced to keep the army of hungry Scarfies. When it becomes agitated, Scarfy's appearance morphs. long as you don't get Scarfy mad! It can attack only by collision. Kirby can't eat Scarfies. In more recent games, Scarfies do not explode (in addition to Kirby being able to inhale them with Throw in Nightmare in Dreamland, Amazing Mirror, and Squeak Squad). He floats in one place and drops a Crash item when defeated. The face of an angel? said Meta Knight. Apple • Bio Spark • Birdon • Blade Knight • Blipper • Bomber • Bounder • Bronto Burt • Broom Hatter • Burning Leo • Cappy • Capsule J • Chilly • Coconut • Gator • Gim • Glunk • Gordo • Grizzo • Jungle Bomb • Kabu • Knuckle Joe • Laser Ball • Lovely • Magical Sweeper • Moto Shotzo • Noddy • Parasol • Plasma Wisp • Poppy Bros. Jr. • Rocky • Scarfy • Shotzo • Simirror • Sir Kibble • Slippy • Squishy • Tac • Tookey • Twizzy • Waddle Dee • Waddle Doo • Walky • Wheelie, Kirby Super Star From WiKirby, your independent source of Kirby knowledge. So when Nightmare Enterprises sends King Dedede four high-class pets called Scarfies, he's delighted with his new friends. This item melts all Metal Blocks when obtained. Similar enemies also exist throughout the game, to replace Scarfy and match the surroundings, that have similar behavior to Scarfies, such as Mumbies (who pursue Kirby when the latter is not looking) and Degouts (who behave the same but are more powerful). Try to inhale him, and Scarfy will instantly turn into a terrifying one-eyed monster, ruthlessly chase you down and explode! Scarfies retain their usual role in this game, however, they only turn into their Mutant form when Kirby tries to inhale them.

In Kirby: Planet Robobot, most Scarfies have been turned into cyborgs by the Haltmann Works Company (though their Mutant forms are completely robotic). There is also a darker-colored variant of Scarfies that exist, called Hunter Scarfies, that are more common in the Extra Modes of those games. Mr. Frosty • Gigant Edge • Bonkers • Flame Galboros • Blocky • Grand Wheelie • Hornhead, Standard

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