poptropica cheats

The action moves indoors as you need to put together the ultimate Omegon costume.

Timmy Failure Island Scale the summit. With a lot of practice and experiments, you’ll eventually get it. thats what you get after every island.

You say there is a mirror? TO THE BITCH:lizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grab a purple grape as well, located right beside the piece of paper. thats all really BUT IM SECOND WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. tweet; Survival Island is the first episodic island released by Poptropica. Go to the end of the kitchen counter and jump off.

Any ideas, there are two buttons near it on top change it to the green one, What you do is tip the fish food over and then they will be distracted.When they eat, turn off the filter, jump in and go to the treasure chest. The Poptropica walkthrough for Arabian Nights: Careful What You Wish For contains all of the secret formulas, hidden item locations, and puzzle solutions to help you finish this quest.



Walk all the way to the end. 20. idk how to put the paper down after i did everything.

That's why our official Timmy Failure Island Poptropica walkthrough video will help you make the case, step by step. how do i get to the mirror??! It will upload its contents to the computer. PLEASE REPLYYYYY!

Remember to keep coming back as I will always be adding to this list. Walk up to the door, and click ENTER. Talk to the last man, and select option 3. how do i get past the books in the truck?!?!!?!?!

18. i need help alot. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimy name iz fantamozkazasamizsamliasasabarakentiflo i theenk i spelled it rong but i lov thees website becoz it tells us cheets hahahh thees is rong and we shood do that our own but its ok anyway i wod lik to introdyooce myself to yoo i have a phd in english and i am graduwayted from londen and i leeve over ther and my teecher in the yuniversity is rely proud becoz i am becoming rely god at english and speshaly the spelling part riyt thanks you very mutch, hi fantamozkazasamizsamliasasabarakentiflo and anyway u r really really good at english and especially the spelling part hahhahhahahahahahh well who am i kiddin u suckkkk u dunno how to write anythin hahahahhah guys who is with me ahahahahah and i really was laughing really hard when u said u live in “london” and u are graduated from there ahahhhahahahah guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll ask you to go check on CJ. it keeps saying im not sure what to do with the paper here.

Go right and exit CJ’s bedroom. Push the cat dish (full of cat food) right until you’re right below the piece of paper.

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