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A number of Americans, most naturalized Mexican citizens in New Mexico, formerly in the California trade over the Old Spanish Trail or in the fur trade settled in Alta California and became important citizens in later years, like Louis Rubidoux, John A. Rowland, William Workman, Benjamin Davis Wilson, and William Wolfskill. Never get lost finding the trail. The beauty of nature doesn’t need to be hard to find. Franciscan missionaries Francisco Atanasio Domínguez and Silvestre Vélez de Escalante unsuccessfully attempted the trip to California, which was just being settled, leaving Santa Fe in 1776 and making it all the way into the Great Basin near Utah Lake before returning via the Arizona Strip. Anytime.

[16][17], In 2001, the section of the Trail that runs across Nevada from the Arizona border to California was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Old Spanish Trail/Mormon Road Historic District. Would This is exactly what I wanted in a trail finding app. It crossed eight states and 67 counties along the southern border of the United States. Old Spanish Trail Highway Map. However, in 1830, due to resumed hostilities with the Navajo, the Armijo route west to the Colorado River Crossing of the Fathers was not practical, and a new route north of the river had to be found, which used the trails of the fur traders and trappers of New Mexico through the lands of the Utes. Makes finding trails easy!

[5][6][7][10], The Main Route (also referred to as the Central Route or the Northern Route) of the Old Spanish Trail avoided territory of the Navajo, (who had returned to a state of hostilities after Armijo's trip), and the more difficult canyon country traversed by the Armijo Route around the Colorado River. rating, and difficulty level. Check out nearby trails and explore all the possibilities. No matter if I'm in my home town and wanting something new, or traveling and needing to The trail then proceeded north through difficult terrain to Spanish Valley near today's Moab, Utah, where a ferry crossed the deep and wide Colorado River and then turned northwest to a ferry crossing on the similarly sized and dangerous Green River near present-day Green River, Utah. The name acknowledges the fact that parts of the trail had been known to the Spanish since the 16th century. How long is the Old Spanish Trail? The trail is important to New Mexico history because it established an arduous but usable trade route with California. The eastern parts of what became called the Old Spanish Trail, including southwest Colorado and southeast Utah, were explored by Juan Maria de Rivera in 1765. From Salt Spring they crossed a two-day-long waterless stretch up Salt Creek to Laguna del Milagro ("Lake of the Miracle"), (probably Silver Lake), then to Ojito del Malpais ("little spring of the badlands") on Soda Lake, then another waterless day beyond Soda Lake, where they reached the only intermittently dependable Mojave River and the Mohave Trail leading up river. Trail I'm absolutely in love with this app! It's for your safety, when you are at I.2 – Louisiana State – Index Map All 64 Parishes =3= HIGHWAY 90 – OLD SPANISH TRIAL – CENSUS MAPS. Easily find dog or kid-friendly trails. [6][7], Sometime before 1844, perhaps as early as 1830, a cut off developed on the Old Spanish Trail that cut the distance traveled along the upper Mojave River, by cutting across what is now Victor Valley, from the Cajon Pass to a crossing just below the Lower Narrows of the river. Warren, Elizbeth von Till (1974). list. 1 (Nov., 1947), pp. Don't leave home without it. [12] The western portions of the Old Spanish Trail could only be used semi-reliably in winter when rains or snows deposited water in the desert. AllTrails is my favorite app.

These horse raids were made by Mexicans, ex-trappers and Indian tribes, primarily the Utes, most famously Walkara, who together stole hundreds to thousands of horses in one raid. 100,000+ trails. Places to Go along the Trail Check out this fun interactive map It highlights different sites that can be visited along the trail. Later caravans could alternatively follow the Armijo Route diverting southwestward from the Colorado at Las Vegas Wash, to Resting Springs and to the Mojave River where it joined the Wolfskill/Yount Route, following that river upward to and over the San Bernardino Mountains through Cajon Pass, Crowder Canyon and lower Cajon Canyon and across the coastal valleys to Mission San Gabriel and Los Angeles.

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