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Like how you were included in the social group at your new workplace. Minority rights regularly change in conjunction with minority status, which is determined by location.

Every large society contains ethnic minorities: subgroups that share a common heritage, which often consists of a shared language, culture (often including a religion), or ideology that stresses common ancestry or endogamy. The median education level of Asian Americans, for example, is higher than that of non–Asian Americans, and their average unemployment rates are lower. Many examples of minority expulsion exist, as with the British deportation of the French population of Acadia, a group that became known as Cajuns, in 1755. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Most people agreed, but a sizable minority were upset by the decision. In the social sciences, “minority” does not just refer to a statistical measure and can instead refer to categories of persons who hold few or no positions of social power in a given society. A group or party having fewer than a controlling number of votes. This is usually justified as countering the effects of a history of discrimination. Affirmative action can, for example, take the form of a government program to provide immigrant or minority groups who primarily speak a marginalized language with extra teaching in the majority language, so that they are better able to compete for places at university or for jobs. However, some minorities have, by custom or force, come to occupy distinctive economic niches in a society. This is the case with most Christian churches in Asia and Africa.…, The substitution of Magyar for Latin and German raised a new and painful issue. ... You can talk about a small minority (for example 8%) or a large minority (for example 40%). minority definition: 1. a smaller number or part: 2. any small group in society that is different from the rest because…. Minority definition, the smaller part or number; a number, part, or amount forming less than half of the whole. A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society. Members of the Long-horn Tribe: This tribe is a small branch of ethnic Miao in the western part of Guizhou Province, China.

Thus, the role of minority groups varies from society to society depending on the structure of the social system and the relative power of the minority group.

In this case, while minority status can be conditioned by a clear numerical difference, more significantly it refers to issues of political power. On the one hand, the dominant majority may see no reason to rid themselves of the minority. CC licensed content, Specific attribution, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_group, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative_action, http://www.boundless.com//sociology/definition/minority-group, http://www.boundless.com//sociology/definition/minority, http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/affirmative_action, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fauqd81FKbI, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Longhorn_Miao_China.jpg. Learn more. The dominant forces in such societies typically opt for amity or tolerance for one of two reasons. ABC Corporation owns 90% of XYZ Inc., which is a $100 million company. As the term is used in the social sciences, this subordinacy is the chief defining characteristic of a minority group. Many British people did not like these new minority groups, but the nation’s prevailing democratic ideology overcame attempts to eject them.

In Japan, for example, the ethnic majority, as measured by the government, embraces some 99 percent of the population; Koreans, the only measurable minority, make up less than half a percent. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. However in some countries this freedom is still either formally restricted or subject to cultural bias from the majority population. ties 1. The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw widespread mob violence against minorities, including pogroms against Jews (in Russia) and lynchings of blacks, Roman Catholics, immigrants, and others (in the United States; see Ku Klux Klan). Efforts to forcibly eliminate a minority from a society have ranged from expulsion to mob violence, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Likewise, a group that is assembled for primarily economic reasons, such as a trade union, is seldom considered a minority. Minority rights are generally the same as anybody else's, but there are certain exceptions. For example, suppose that Company A acquires a controlling interest of 75 percent in Company B.

The definition of a minority is a group of people that differ in some way from the majority of the population, or any part of a whole that is smaller than the other parts. that constitutes a minority. Rather, they are disadvantaged by technologies and social institutions that are designed to cater to the dominant, hearing-unimpaired group. A group, party, or faction with a smaller number of votes or adherents than the majority. Graham Hill Independent CRM Consultant As the term is used in the social sciences, this subordinacy is the chief defining characteristic of a minority group. The term queer is sometimes understood as an umbrella term for all non-normative sexualities and gender expressions but does not always signify a minority; rather, as with many gay rights activists of the 1960s and 1970s, it sometimes represents an attempt to highlight sexual diversity in everyone. All Rights Reserved. Another example of begrudging toleration can be seen in Britain in the 20-year period following 1950, which saw an influx of immigrants from the Caribbean, Pakistan, and India. ). For example, minorities may be generally deprived of police protection and…. A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part. (politics, used attributively of a party, government, etc. Minority group status is also categorical in nature: an individual who exhibits the physical or behavioral characteristics of a given minority group will be accorded the status of that group and be subject to the same treatment as other members of that minority group. The abbreviation “LGBT” is currently used to group these identities together. Unlike a closed society, which stresses hierarchical cooperation between social groups, an open society permits different social groups to vie for the same resources, so their relations are competitive. They typically devastate the economic, political, and mental health of the majority population as well. The latter retains the remaining 25 percent of the company. Scholarship opportunities for minorities. See more. Sociologist Louis Wirth defined a minority group as “a group of people who, because of their physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the others in the society in which they live for differential and unequal treatment, and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. Women, for example, make up roughly half the population but are often considered a minority group. Updates?

Affirmative action refers to policies that take factors, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin into account in order to benefit an underrepresented group. While in most societies the numbers of men and women are roughly equal, the status of women as a oppressed group has led some, such as feminists and other participants in women’s rights movements, to identify them as a minority group.

The mid-20th-century Holocaust, in which Nazis exterminated more than six million Jews and an equal number of other “undesirables” (notably Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals), is recognized as the most egregious example of genocide in the modern era.

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