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#mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} • The SV20H has that inimitable Marshall 'Plexi' tone, taking its cues from a 1959 SLP with a rounder, bluesier and more defined crunch. I would at some point when the Studio Vintage hits the used market get a combo and put a ppimv in it, but to pay new price and spend another few hundred modding it is getting a bit expensive for me. • The SC20H is based on Marshall’s JCM800 2203 and captures the crisp overdrive and distortion of that legendary amp.


The characteristic sound of an amplifier with vacuum tubes is absolutely not lacking here. In collaboration with Algam Benelux we wrote the following review about the Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 1959SLP guitar amplifier.

Especially when you want to have that big Plexi sound but you don’t have the room or money for the original 1959. Both heads look damn near authentic, too. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 Also, available in the Marshall Studio ranges are the Marshall Studio Jubilee Amps and the Marshall Studio Vintage Amps.

Consider yourself lucky, because the Marshall Studio Vintage sports features not found on the original 1959 Super Lead. SV20C Studio Vintage. The treble of this amp is sharp and aggressive while the bass is very clean and responsive and captures the full sound. The real fix was to link the channels by patching another cable from the High Treble low input 2 channel to the Normal channel 1. There isn't a model among them we can't recommend with total confidence, and that includes their more affordable models too, like MG, DSL, and Code series amps. Like many of you I have always had a great appreciation for music, and from the moment I went making music myself there is a world opened up for me.

This new series from Marshall gives the option to connect additional speakers. It’s solid work, employing heavy-gauge wire for the off-board connections. output and a series effects loop with a bypass switch.

(I miked it with a fat-sounding Royer R-121 ribbon mic.) Both heads look damn near authentic, too. Likewise, the single 10" speaker doesn’t replicate the spectral intricacies of a 4x12 cab. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. We've played them all, from vintage JTM45s and the ultra-cool Plexi reissue to modern handmade masterpieces such as the JVM410. Please refresh the page and try again. Sign up to our monthy newsletter and get special offers and latest news delivered to your inbox! If you want cranked Plexi tones from a compact, studio-sized amp, Marshall’s Studio Vintage absolutely nails it. The Studio Vintage SV20H is based on a four-input, two channel, non-master volume 1959SLP Super Lead 'Plexi,' while the Studio Classic SC20H is derived from a single-channel, High/Low input, master volume JCM800 2203 Marshall. The Marshall Origin Amp is available in the Origin 5 or the Origin 20 Amp with both Head and Combo options available. Review: Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 1959SLP 20W guitar amp, Review: Marshall 2525C Studio Jubilee guitar amp. Thank you for your request. From beginners to rock stars, millions of music makers rely on our Sales Engineers' expertise to help achieve their musical goals. You can veer from clean to crunch to “Stand back!” using only your guitar’s volume knob. Then I blended in the Normal channel’s volume to enhance the bass and low mid frequencies, and added cleaner headroom to its warm power amp drive. $529. You also get a DI output for easy recording or routing to a PA. So, as much as I still get a thrill of playing through and looking at them, I realize my Marshall heads and cabinets are way too loud and heavy to lift, so what to do without attenuating them? Our expertly trained Sales Engineers are ready to help! If you want iconic tone from across the pond, you want Marshall, and your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will help you find the perfect one. Marshall MX212 2x12 160W Speaker Cabinet 8 ohms MAR-MX212. To sample some of the musicians who have used the original version: Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Slash, and John Frusciante.

The $1.5K price tag may seem steep for a small-format circuit-board model made with standard-issue parts, yet it’s a reassuringly solid build that should provide many years of service. By adjusting the normal channel you increase or decrease the thickness of your overdrive to the edge of distortion. On the contrary, the SV20H blew me away with its smoother and more refined overdriven tones. It’s got an attractively craggy upper-mid presence that emphasizes the distortion’s “tooth” and keeps tones from sounding excessively compressed. You can definitely get fire-breathing tones at this low-power setting! This DI out(Clip 3) doesn’t produce a realistic speaker sound, though you could get convincing results using software impulse responses or a hardware speaker modeler such as the Universal Audio Ox. The guitarists at Sweetwater value the Studio Vintage’s modern flexibility almost as much as we appreciate its classic tone. At the clip’s 1:13 point, I click on a homemade germanium treble booster similar to something a Marshall player might have used back when plexis were new-fangled. Still, this U.K.-made combo gets closer to the plexi sound than an 18-watt. I loved the SC20H so much that I almost felt I’d be disappointed with the SV20H. Marshall DSL1H Dual Super Lead 2-Channel 1w Valve Guitar Amp Head MAR-DSL1H. Enter Marshall’s new SV20C Studio Vintage, specifically designed to capture the 1959 sound in a compact 20-watt combo.

Like all amplifiers in this studio line, this amp is provided with a three-position standby switch for either 20W, 5W, or standby. Compared to the 1959 original, the reissue is more portable and affordable with the same great sound. Weighing 35 pounds and measuring approximately 20"x18"x10", it’s a practical gigging companion, with enough output to hold its own against all but the loudest drummers. Guild X-175 Manhattan Special: The Premier Guitar Review. For their size and mammoth tone, these Marshalls are pure magic. Marshall Studio Classic SC20H 20W Valve Guitar Amp Head MAR-SC20H. Personalized product advice & order assistance. Marshall’s SV20C Studio Vintage aces its primary mission: capturing authentic plexi tone in a compact, relatively low-wattage combo. Marshall Studio Vintage SV20H: 8/10.

Weighing 35 pounds and measuring approximately 20"x18"x10", it’s a practical gigging companion, with enough output to hold its own against all but the loudest drummers. Do you want a sound like Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin?

It’s a glorious growl with midrange bark that cuts and sounds fuller with more compression, but I had to dial back the presence and treble EQs to curb some brightness.

However, if you put your miss-match into pairs of inputs then this is still incorrect. Evidenced by the many images of just about every famous guitarist from Angus Young to Jimi Hendrix and countless others who had endless piles of Marshall stacks behind them, it’s crystal clear Marshall has forever ingrained itself as an iconic brand for its timelessly elegant and imposing design. It can be switched down to 5 watts to get that classic Marshall overdrive at a lower volume.Massive thank you to the guys at Marshall Amps for making this video possible. more of my Marshall demos here: - Vintage Drive0:39 - Clean1:17 - Edge of Breakup1:50 - DI Out2:25 - Modern Bite2:57 - FX Loop3:24 - Dirty Sounds4:31 - Clean Sounds5:30 - More VideosSignal Chain (see links below):Gibson Les Paul Tribute T / Harley Benton ST-62 / Gibson SG Special FadedMarshall Studio VintageMarshall SV212 (2 x 12” Celestion V Type Speakers)Close Mics: Shure SM57 + SE Voodoo VR1, Far Mic: SE R1 Ribbon MicrophoneSee more Amp Demos here:\u0026list=PLEzNZhJZmA22NY1DRD5E2oa5sodr7l3AW\u0026t=6s\u0026index=11Affiliate Links - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases:Gear that I use: Studio Vintage (US): Studio Cabinet (US): Studio Cabinet (UK): Studio Classic (US): Studio Classic (UK): Studio Cabinet (US): Studio Cabinet (UK): Les Paul Tribute T (Amazon US): Les Paul Tribute T (Amazon UK): Les Pauls (Amazon US): Les Pauls (Amazon UK): Benton Strat (USA): Benton Strat (UK+EU): SGs (Amazon US): Harley Benton Guitars (USA) Harley Benton Guitars (UK+EU) SM57 Mic (Amazon US) Voodoo VR1 Mic (Amazon US) 6 POD Effects (Amazon US): Amps (US): Amps (UK): - Canon 80D - (Amazon US) Lens - Canon 24mm (Amazon US) Stand (Amazon US): Used: Yongnuo YN600 (Amazon US): Used: Yongnuo YN600 (Amazon UK): All are switchable between 20 and 5 watts, available as a 1x10 combo or a head and - even cooler - miraculously preserve Marshall’s natty aesthetic in a shrunken-down replica.

Get Directions | From rock to heavy metal, this amp gives you the ability to overdrive to the edge of distortion. No project is too big or small, so give us a call today and let's talk gear! Each head has its own period-correct brushed gold or plexi-style panel, control layout and orientation, power/standby switches and indicator lights like their original counterparts - even right down to the proper textured tolex and colored piping.

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