marshall dsl40cr tone shift

There's is nothing really wrong with this approach, except that the knobs are interactive, meaning that when you set all your EQ at noon, for example, and then shift everything by one, meaning, all EQ on 6, the difference is not purely one of greater volume on 6. Any difference in tone? The amplifier provides 2 channels, 3-band EQ and additional features, all contributing to its amazing versatility. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Whizzinby, Jun 17, 2020. I don't use it for its intended purpose, which I hear is heavier, mid-scooped modern rock/metal, but instead as a pseudo Loudness switch when I'm playing low volume late at night to accentuate the lows and highs.

Let’s say you want more treble or high end, would you start with Presence or the Treble knob? The CR has MUCH more girth to its tone and no fizzy high end, and sounds much better at low volume too, something the OP required and I do too. A keeper for sure! The DSL40cr is one of the best amps I've ever bought. I hoping to get one myself this week, or very soon. Marshall DSL40C is a great amp for musicians who don’t stick to one music style and love experimenting a lot with a sound. I had mine for 3 years the creamback works great for it. Works beautifully in this capacity! I bought a Marshall DSL40CR about a month ago, was looking for some advice on dialing it in and some answers to how each knob/switch impacts tone. Which I find oddly improves the tone somewhat on higher gain channels, even though I hate scooped sounds. Can get as close as I need to all my favorite classic Marshall tones (JTM45 through modded JCM800), Sounds glorious fully cranked at 40 watts, Sounds equally good fully cranked at 20 watts (power scaled voltage, not goofy pentode/triode stuff), Big full sound at (for me) normal house volumes (i.e., very loud stereo volumes), Big full sound with zero fizz at toddler/infant/wife sleeping volumes. The DSL40 also has a tone shift control that changes the midrange response, an effects loop, and a half-power switch to maximize flexibility. The Marshall DSL40CR guitar combo amp is a popular and versatile 2-channel combo amp that packs a punch. Feel free to share it if it has been, thank you. Most people biased them too hot and then complained about the red channel lol. If there’s any amplifier company that’s an iconic part of rock and blues history, it’s Marshall. The Tone Shift Button and When To Use it. You said that you start with all EQ on 10 and then cut stuff by taste until you have the desired tone. I've been playing it in store every chance I've had in the past three months. Anyways would love some feedback... 1. For some heavy distortion I'd crank the presence on 10 which adds tons of bite and really helps cut through. But, technicalities aside, if you land on 10-6-0-4 and it's exactly the sound that you want, then that's all that matters. Took it to a jam yesterday and it sounded awesome. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear.

Very useful info, except that I would add one more thing. Tone shift button. Not saying I’m not still buying higher ends heads and whatnot, because I am, but if I were left with the 40CR for the rest of my life I’d be just fine would likely focus on playing more anyways. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But, generally speaking how are these used?

The DSL40 TM has been designed with a 12” G-12 v-type speaker for those who need exceptional tone and flexibility. Channel volume vs Master Volume, what are they affecting within the amp? Presence and Resonance. BTW I don't play live. I love mine as well! I got this on a nice in-store deal over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. so i wasnt bummed at all and I hear some say there not alot difference to sell the 40 for it. What accentuation is occurring with the mid knob with tone shift enabled. I bought a Marshall DSL40CR about a month ago, was looking for some advice on dialing it in and some answers to how each knob/switch impacts tone. The Marshall DSL40CR is the latest in a long line of DSL (Dual Super Lead) amps, which began back in the 1990s with the JCM2000 series. Also they note for Mids, controls are accentuated with tone shift enabled. If you want to cover all the bases and still get that classic Marshall tone, we have no doubt that the DSL40 will provide you with all sorts of musical inspiration. Awesome. I know the back cover can alter the tone some. Are you guys using anything like a Timmy or a Tubescreamer for a solo boost, or just riding your guitar volume? For anyone into any form of rock music- this $750 amp is really all anyone needs. I'll be trading the original DSL40C for it, and I most definitely can hear the difference. What’s the difference between the new and old model? There will be also tonal differences between the two settings. I’ve operated under the assumption the channel volume would be driving the preamp and master would be power amp. DSL40. In 2012, Marshall introduced the DSL40C, the DSL40CR is essentially an updated version of this with a few extra improvements and enhancements. If you haven’t tried a Marshall DSL40CR give it a shot but remember – TURN IT UP! To my ears enabling tone shift slightly scoops and compressed the overall sound. You must log in or register to reply here. I loved your post. Trying to determine where best to set these. Let’s say you have too much bass, would you first back off the Bass knob or the Resonance? Tubes/Speaker That's for my basic clean tone. ), For those that have the amp, what settings do you use for the various EQ’s and switches. The manual states selecting this reconfigures the preamp EQ to add new tone shaping. Im sure cranking it i would hear some difference though., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I haven't had a proper NAD in quite a while since I've been monogamous with my main amp for over a decade, so I'm going to take this opportunity to indulge in a NAD post. My settings are as follows: Bass 10, Mid 6, Treble 0, Presence 4, Resonance 10.

Plus, I have changed the speaker to a G12 Century Vintage and run the V-Type in a 112 cab under the DSL. TBH I can get an ok clean tone, which I’m then using as a pedal platform, but I cannot get a high gain distortion tone I like with any of the higher gain channels (Clean Crunch, OD1, or OD2) OD2 provides plenty of saturation but no clarity or articulation, and the other channels a bit too mid-rangy and not enough bite. OD1 with channel and master volumes dimed, and gain at around 12 to 1 o'clock. Also, is noon the “neutral” setting for these, or are they cumulative, meaning at zero they aren’t affecting tone from the preamp eq and turning them up only adds to the tone? These are bedroom volume settings. Even non-musicians recognize the white script logo against a black background and associate it with loud, powerful guitar sounds. I should point out this is with a pedal which is always on. I get that these are tone settings at the power amp stage, unlike the three band eq which is done at the preamp stage. The DSL provides the legendary Marshall tone, allowing you to express your distinct playing style and attitude. The new Marshall DSL40CR is a real winner for the company and working musicians who want a versatile rock/blues amplifier at a fair price.. A resonance control along with studio quality reverb and a real panel Pentode/Triode give you plenty of options for shaping your tone, as well as a Rear Panel FX loop. The DSL provides the legendary Marshall tone, allowing you to express your distinct playing style and attitude. JavaScript is disabled. To me, clean and crunch modes sound exactly the same as the 40C when used with the same 412 cab.....combo users will hear a significant difference with the V type speaker though. They sounded pretty dam close to the 40c at store levels I wouldnt have guessed it they changed i! The DSL provides the legendary Marshall tone, allowing you to express your distinct playing style and attitude. Tone Shift I even like the oft-derided Tone Shift feature that scoops the mids. I hope this review of the Marshall DSL40CR guitar amplifier has been helpful. With rich functionality including the ability to move between two sounds within each gain channel, players can experiment and release their personality through sound. My wife and kids went out to run errands today and I got to spend a couple of hours with the amp cranked in 40W mode. For those that don’t, what is your general method of dialing in a Marshall amp?

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