mandalorian stormtrooper scene

The scene from the show has two Stormtroopers on some sort of mission and talking when they get bored, one of the troopers takes out his blaster to shoot at a can some distance away.

He misses, repeatedly, at this point the other stormtrooper looks at him disappointedly and takes out his own blaster in order to show his colleague how it is done. In what is likely the most hilarious Stormtrooper scene in 'Star Wars' canon history, the two Stormtroopers — played by Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally — who picked up Baby Yoda are made to wait on the outskirts of Navarro, awaiting further orders.

Tom Hardy played a stormtrooper in that film, but his scene—in which he congratulates an undercover Finn on his apparent promotion, not realizing that …

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