line 6 firehawk vs helix

How about the stereo effects?

If you plan on using it with your Helix... the Powercab is the perfect compliment in terms of options/features.

Articles that talk about “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix” also point out that the high cost of the Helix indeed turns a lot of guitarists away. I am not going to be switching rigs anytime soon, so I don't need to know. Overall, the Firehawk looks pretty solid, Tons of amp models and FX; some older, some HD. There are conversations within these forums about how Difficult the HD500X is to use or get good sounds out of.

The Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android makes it easier than ever to create the perfect guitar tone.

Paste as plain text instead, × 3. 128 onboard presets, unlimited presets in the cloud, With a price tag of more than a thousand dollars, Line 6 Helix is less attractive compared to Line 6 Firehawk in the eyes of budget-minded. Neither supports changing these things without changing presets (is that what you mean by 'channel'?). Upload or insert images from URL. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated in making my decision on purchasing.   Your previous content has been restored. I am a live performer - that also does studio work and plays at home and --- all things music. Will they be available at the same time as the HD500x, or delayed? Going to echo everyone else here: FireHawk is basically a stripped down POD HD (includes XT modelling).

Not add to my rig. 1500 is WAY heavier. Articles that talk about “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix” also point out that the high cost of …

Next Last. Makes sense they made it lesser to the HD500 series; gotta keep some amount of selling points isolated in products. Messages 6,028. Powered by Invision Community, Firehawk 1500 or PowerCab 212 plus with Helix, Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets, MacOS 11 Compatibility with Line 6 Software. In that case, you have come to the right place. With a price tag of more than a thousand dollars, Line 6 Helix is less attractive compared to Line 6 Firehawk in the eyes of budget-minded.

Naturally, the subject of “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix” attracts lots of attention from music enthusiasts. Paste as plain text instead, × Seems like the Firehawk is cheaper, but what´s the difference?.

They trick the app to think that it is a phone. It's also way overpriced IMO.

That being said, the pedal from Line 6 is capable of delivering superb sounds through a clean guitar amp with some tweaks here and there. firehawk does not support param changing thru jtv vol+tone knobs.

Seems like the Firehawk FX is pretty decent for $350 and can do 4CM. In fact, because of the large knobs, it’s possible for you to adjust the settings with only your feet. Just as important, Line 6 Firehawk cover a variety of amps from vintage to modern gains. And I use that, so I don't choose the Firehawk. I personally do not feel that way but the Firehawk may be simpler in this fashion as it is a cross between the Amplifi FX100 and POD HD series.

what are your plans for using the gear.

To reach a proper conclusion while talking about “Line 6 Firehawk vs. Helix“, it’s essential to firmly grasp their features. Sounds good but HEAVY. But the #1 issue is the Line6Link. Line 6 Firehawk is far from gig-ready out of the box, you have to invest considerable time and effort just to set the pedal up. I also wonder if it would allow things like splitting the Variax Mags and Variax Models as the 500/500x does? The Line 6 cloud contains a vast library of tones covering countless genres and thousands of popular songs. All the switches have LED lights that lit up in Preset mode which not only look pretty cool but also keep you in the loop.

If necessary, you could play songs in the music library of mobile devices through the Firehawk model using wireless playback.

For me, the most important distinction, is that Firehawk doesn't have Line6Link. I own a 112 plus which sounds awesome and don't think the 212 is much heavier as it's loaded with  2 onboard 12 in  Eminence Neodymium speakers..... That can be paired-up or swapped out with one of the 12 speaker models as of the  2.00.1.... I´ll go with the 212 plus when it´s released! Instead of the sharp-angled corners like other pedals, Line 6 Helix feature courteously rounded edges. Articles that talk about “. This is an always tough comparison when just starting out (meaning you do not own either board) and then trying to decide which one you want. You can post now and register later. DId you end up getting the 212+? You can post now and register later.   You cannot paste images directly. In the palm of your hand. Considering the fact that Line 6 Helix uses rugged metal in its construction, it’s able to hold together for years.

Overall, if you need a straightforward, no-nonsense multi-effect pedal, it’s strongly recommended that you grab Line 6 Firehawk. If they could all do the same things and all had the same features, they wouldn't have new products to sell. I have to imagine the Firehawk will have a pc/mac editor. As for speaker compliment.... that depends on your preference.

Jchrisf Member. As different people have different tastes, it’s hard to decide which one is better regarding “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix“. Love the idea of the Firehawk FX and tweaking tones on my iPad.

Nowadays, the market for multi-effects pedals offers various models but regarding overall quality, Line 6 Firehawk and Line 6 Helix truly stand out from the rest. I could play an acoustic intro, blues amp verse and chorus, banjo bridge, blues chorus all with switching channels and then next song could be capo'd or half step down with a single foot switch. Firehawk is a cool idea though!

  You cannot paste images directly. :). it has The Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android instead. Mar 16, 2018 #1 Is the Helix LT worth the extra $650?   Your link has been automatically embedded.

I recently sprung for a 500x, because my old 500 was getting slightly glitchy, and I was interested in the new model packs, and the increased DSP usage for building dual amp model patches, L6Linked to a pair of DT25's. “. Are you happy with it? As the pedal features a combination of amp-style controls and color-coded LEDs, it’s a breeze to tell the locations of assigned effects. 2.

From recording in the studio to playing on the stage, every guitarist around the globe could benefit from having high-quality multi-effects pedals around.

"Amp in the Room" emulation is from the Powercab is pretty cool.

On the other hand, if you have money to afford quality then Line 6 Helix would definitely be a great purchase. You really have to add $200 for the case to the price if you want to gig with it. Supporting Member.

POD Farm has some awesome sounding amp plus the HD amps and I think its a winner.

From your phone or tablet, you can craft elaborate signal chains, fine-tune hundreds of tone parameters, and connect with a massive online community of guitarists.

Your bedroom while people are sleeping or a professional sound stage performing in front of people. Line 6, Inc. You have to take your needs and requirements into account to make a wise investment. Would make my live show flow some much smoother with that function. And then, which one is more suited for that purpose. I don’t know the Firehawk but if, as gunpointmetal says, it is purely FRFFR then you won’t have all of the sound options that come with the Powercab such as FRFR, LFRAW etc.

txwylde, February 15, 2015 in POD HD. If I can add IR's by reamping (like you could do in the X3) im sold.   Pasted as rich text.

Customers report about connectivity issues while using Line 6 Firehawk: they have to move back and forth between the Bluetooth settings and the app to reconnect. The learning process might take some time but you would master the control interface eventually. The plus for the 1500 is the bluetooth streaming is awesome, and it makes a great stereo. Line 6 Firehawk Vs. Helix: Which One Is The Better Model, To reach a proper conclusion while talking about “. 1 of 2 Go to page.

I would guess no.

That is a major plus if you intend to take the model from Line 6 around to perform at various locations. If Line6Link isn't something you use or need, it's a worthy option. IR's are invaluable in my opinion and are a must to really bring the Helix software alive. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The entire thing.

Firehawk 1500 or PowerCab 212 plus with Helix? While the Firehawk experiences minor issues, it’s good enough for most of the time. ... not to mention the built-in speaker emulations and ir capabilities that can reduce the processing load in your Helix.

I can get some great tones and have run my TS9 into the Pocket Pod and it works well with analog pedals. The Powercab 212 is way too heavy for me to lift on a regular basis. I can confirm that the FH-1500 weighs a TON. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said in reverse. ×

Apply to Join our Public Beta Testing Program. The Firehawk 1500 is a modeling amp (HD modeling).... and with a Helix you wouldn't have any use for those models and will just bypass them to reach the power & speakers. I have see the Firehawk and HD500X comparison. So if I were you I would go and play with all 3 of these floorboards and see which one you like the best.

Of course, if you prefer to tweak the sound of the pedal, you should be able to do just that. So does the Firehawk. I personally think it seems like a very cool piece of equipment and am excited to try it out. The Firehawk 1500 is a modeling amp (HD modeling).... and with a Helix you wouldn't have any use for those models and will just bypass them to reach the power & speakers. You can create, save and recall an unlimited number of presets, so you’ll always have access to the tones you need. Clear editor.

Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Helix Stomp has the 6 block limitation but for most people 6 is definitely enough, especially if you're focusing on high gain tones. Also, the annoying lags that take place between patches generate a good deal of frustration. I had an X3L, sold it to fund the Hd500 back in 2010; I don't miss it or it's non-HD amp models.

As for speaker compliment.... that depends on your preference.

Correct me if im wrong but the Pod does not have that capability right?

Not replace parts of my rig.

I personally have and HD500X and have no interest in the Firehawk because I would lose capability (Specfically Dual amp some of the Advanced controls).

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