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Now I understand why they both loved this song & Edith Piaf .. beautiful . Most Translated Songs of all time (old and new) (Part 1) 2. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You cannot understand if a translation is made ... No entiendo el comentario de lenguas eslavicas. It’s a beautiful song and a classic to this day. Des mots de tous les jours

I really appreciate the time you took to break down the different parts and explain them. I tried my best to capture the essence of the song, so I hope you enjoy this less literal translation. Beautifully done and it puts much more meaning and depth into it . I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I served in the RCAF and was stationed in France from June 1963 to July 1967, and in Germany from August 1967 to August 1968. They are so beautiful and moving and La Vie en Rose is one of my favourites! Thank you. I sing this song in French with only half an understanding of the words but it moved me nonetheless, never really knowing why. I saw one of my friends post this line: Thank you very much

My condolences for your loss and I’m glad that you enjoyed the translation. Do you have any additional questions? I am a German native, my mother was French. I found your translation and discussion of the nuances in the poem perfect. Thank you so much!

“Ile est entre dans mon coeur une part de bonheaur” Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank yo very much. I hope that I’ve captured the heart and soul of the song.

I’ve chosen to translate that as “a gaze that makes me lower my own” because in the context she is talking about the way he looks at her, rather than his actual eyes. Well literally “la vie en rose” would translate directly to “life in pink.” But to see “la vie en rose” is a saying that means you are seeing the world optimistically. Just like in English when we say “let’s Netflix and chill” we don’t mean we’re going to watch Netflix in a freezer.

Hallo maluca, ich habe zwei Vorschläge zu Deiner Übersetzung von La Vie en rose: Il est entré dans mon coeur une part de bonheur: Er ist in mein Herz eingedrungen Zum Teil mit Glück Ich glaube, Grammatik und Sinn sind nicht zutreffend erfasst: Nicht "er", sondern "es" ist in mein Herz eingedrungen, nämlich une part- ein Teil des Glückes. Thanks. Most Translated Songs of all time (old and new) (Part 1),,,, Spanish Hits - Best Spanish Songs of All Time (Popkultur), Pomme - chanson for my depressed love lyrics request. Where do “rose-colored glasses” come in? Des yeux qui font baisser les miens: literally “eyes that make me lower my own” Well done keep on going . the line "C’est toi pour moi, moi pour lui dans la vie Below the translation you will find an analysis of the song and translation, a breakdown of the vocabulary, and a video of Edith Piaf performing “La Vie en Rose” live. There is another possible translation “coming up roses” ( I see life coming up roses ) from Ethel Merman’s signature song in the 1959 Broadway musical, Gypsy, lyrics by Sondheim whose notes reveal his intent was to convey a sense of exuberant optimism – certainly expressed in her performances, not dissimilar to Piaf’s. I may be due to update this translation a little bit and help with a bit more historical context and reference to other cultural touchstones.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I believe the matter depends on the intent of the lyricist – which adds a mysterious note to a mystical, enchanting song. Very lovely translation ,, much better than the English version .. These are often omitted by lyric sites, and also by karaoke tracks. This song captures so many of the small gestures that we associate with falling in love: feeling your heart race as soon as you spot your new love, looking away when they look at you, etc. Awww thank you for your comment Vic, and thank you for your service. Yes songs are never as good in translation so I wanted to do my best to help English speakers understand this beautiful classic. Yes Google Translate just wouldn’t do it justice would it?

It’s such a lovely song. La Vie en Rose lyrics and translation articulate timeless themes of love, romance, and resilience – it’s one of Edith Piaf’s most famous and beloved songs. Both of them loved this song & as kids ..we grew up listening to Edith Piaf . I have always wanted to be able to sing the words, now, perhaps I have a new challenge! This is from the TV show “La joie de vivre” where Edith Piaf performed live on March 4, 1954. les mots d’amour, les mots de tous les jours: words of love, everyday words , One of my favorite songs.. but only sung by Edith Piaf.. oui, Thanks for this.

Dès que means “as soon as” (in French you can also say “aussitôt que”).

Loses a lot in English….can’t compare. French lyrics and English translation below. Here Édith is telling us that her love whispers sweet nothings to her, but also every day words. That’s so wonderful Kiriwai!

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