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The press attention that followed focused largely on his origins with even some newspapers declaring surprise that he had such a command of the English language! Ceremonies at Liverpool Town Hall during COVID-19 restrictions, Recipients of the Honorary Freedom of the City of Liverpool, Freedom Roll of Associations & Institutions of The City of Liverpool, BLOG: John Richard Archer: The first ever British-born black mayor. By Wednesday 11 June, because of the escalating violence, more than 700 black people were taken into protective custody by the police at the Main Bridewell of Liverpool. John Archer was the former Mayor of Battersea and the first black person to hold a senior public office in London. 0000001473 00000 n ���Ǡ o|���k����JQ`��^@CJij .d����F�|�7e�qf��B%��TX�_�w���+��5 ? It was the first time a black man held a senior public office in England’s capital.

and politics and Labour, "A multitude of friends" - death of John Archer. I may be wrong when I come here and meet this opposition, but would not any other man in my position think the opposition was because of his colour?’ Despite this, he continued to feel a personal sense of pride in his role as a pioneer in the field of politics: ‘It filled my heart with joy to walk in the procession of mayors in that old historic building – the first time that one of our race has done so as mayor.”.

a Retired, a Solicitor, a Solicitor (retired). He was actually part of the already well-established black population in Liverpool. List of companies where John Richard Archer was involved. Richard was a ship’s steward from Barbados, and his wife Mary Theresa was illiterate, making her mark with an “X” on the birth certificate. John III and Margaret had four sons, Edward, John, Robert and Richard.

'��n}&c�T�[�y ?ԅ�P�bi���Բ�=]Q��'��PP*"$����$��Js�6��N�Tv.B��Ҿ�]q����,��@�7W׋�W�������}a���z"� John Richard Archer worked as a Director (SOLICITOR) in SSSTL REALISATIONS 2011 LIMITED, Company address: SSSTL REALISATIONS 2011 LIMITEDPO BOX 100, LONG ING LANE, BARNOLDSWICK, LANCASHIRE, BB18 6WT, John Richard Archer worked as a Director (SOLICITOR (RETIRED)) in RUSSELL'S (KIRBYMOORSIDE) LIMITED, Company address: RUSSELL'S (KIRBYMOORSIDE) LIMITEDEDEN WORKS, EDEN HOUSE ROAD, OLD MALTON, MALTON, NORTH YORKSHIRE, YO17 6RD, John Richard Archer worked as a Director (SOLICITOR) in DEVONSHIRE TRUSTEES LIMITED, Company address: DEVONSHIRE TRUSTEES LIMITEDSQUIRE PATTON BOGGS (UK) LLP (REF: CSU) RUTLAND HOUSE, 148 EDMUND STREET, BIRMINGHAM, B3 2JR, John Richard Archer worked as a Director (RETIRED) in HICKSON PENSION TRUSTEES LIMITED, Company address: HICKSON PENSION TRUSTEES LIMITEDC/O NICK CARTER LONZA, WHELDON ROAD, CASTLEFORD, WEST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, WF10 2JT. Archer continued to be politically active after his one-year term as Mayor, opposing cuts in unemployment relief and the use of a workhouse for Battersea’s young unemployed, as well as supporting Poplar councillors who had been imprisoned for their stance on the Poor Law. Archer, John Richard, was born on 8 June 1863 at 3 Blake Street, Liverpool, the son of Richard Archer and his wife, Mary Theresa Burns. 0000004549 00000 n The stipendiary magistrate Stuart Deacon – facing the white men and women who had been arrested for participating in the riots and looting – stated very clearly who he believed was at fault, telling them that they were the ones who were “making the name of Liverpool an abomination and disgrace to the rest of the country”. x�bbe`b``Ÿ1@� �� � Posts about John Richard Archer written by blackhistorystudies. UK Company Directors Reports, Free Company Director Check, Company Director Search. For the first time in the history of the English nation a man of colour has been elected as mayor of an English borough. 104 0 obj<> endobj

John Richard Archer worked in TRINITY PARK TRUSTEES LIMITED, SSSTL REALISATIONS 2011 LIMITED, RUSSELL'S (KIRBYMOORSIDE) LIMITED, DEVONSHIRE TRUSTEES LIMITED, HICKSON PENSION TRUSTEES LIMITED as a Retired, a Solicitor, a Solicitor (retired). Archer led a deputation to Liverpool on behalf of the APU to discuss race relations in the city. Outside the pub at closing time, a fight involving knives and razors developed and four police officers were injured, including two who were shot by the same bullet. The black population (citizens of the British Empire, many of whom were long-settled in Liverpool) were being blamed locally for pressure on jobs. 2��$$*��*��!z����j��*�ad{ ~�`��G�e���� �E���^;��~�k�90�,���j�T���`t�ac�����o� D�,�Tg��D���G=�k[��T�v��u[� qǝ�"�ǯz��0�p�s�;>���G53+�k\��I�5���,;3�@����`�^۷���da�mid�Y����u���Wf;�z3�d���|t�͎^�u�x���1��(�L]X,�{��. Furthermore, in response to some of the racism that he faced during his campaign, John Archer told thecrowd: “It is a great victory such as never gained before… I am the proud victor.

He also helps to animate events in the buildings including the traditional Toasting of the Haggis at the Burns Night Ceilidh and Dickens Readings in St George’s Hall’s Concert Room. You have shown you have no racial prejudice, but recognise a man for what you think he has done’. EDEN WORKS, EDEN HOUSE ROAD

He lived at 55 Brynmaer Road in Battersea for almost 20 years, including the period of his most significant political achievements. I have a brother, but I should have to have several for us to be born in as many places as we have been said to have been born in… I am the son of a man born in the West Indian Islands. White workers refused to work alongside black workers and a “colour bar” was introduced in the city.

High St There were two other households occupying No.3, and the family had two lodgers, a 50-year-old sailor and a Scottish ship's keeper.

1906 was also the year John Archer stood in the local elections for Battersea. List of companies where John Richard Archer was involved. Here in the city of his birth, Archer is remembered in the name of John Archer Hall in Upper Hill Street and through this painting. by English Heritage He was involved in politics having become a member of the African Association (formed in 1897 by black students across the globe) and had attended the first Pan-African conference at Westminster Town Hall in 1900.

Over the next week, Liverpool witnessed scenes of rioting and disorder caused by gangs of white youths, sailors and ex-servicemen and supported by large crowds of up to 10,000 attacking black people, as well as businesses and houses. Archer was born in Liverpool on June 8, 1863 to Richard Archer, a ship steward from Barbados, and Mary Theresa Burns, an Irishwoman. Margaret died in 1530. Do you find this information helpful? The Main Bridewell, Liverpool, as it is today. Culture Liverpool

x�b```b``i``a`�^� �� @1V �� �,Ia�f�ʪ���U��!�ffHE�X#����9N��3������x1��^�~ld�8y����!���Q�������D0�x ��/�d�bI��?����vL{X��D?� �)L͹�C�qs77�9�n�jg@].������3k e`,� ��>���c�E�(+�00lh8� � +�7% I am a man of colour. Privacy policy. It may not display all the features of this and other websites. Of those fourteen who stood trial, four were acquitted and the other ten were given sentences between eight and 22 months. His election victory in 1913 awarded him the distinction of becoming Britain’s second mayor of African descent after Allan Glaisyer Minns, who was elected mayor of Thetford in 1904. James works as one of the official guides of Liverpool’s City Halls. In 1919, Liverpool experienced its first race riot which broke out after months of increasing hostility towards Liverpool’s black community against the backdrop of the post-First World War economic slump that had gripped the city. It has always been that the white man ruled and it must always be so. xref He worked for Saklatrala until 1924 when the Communist and Labour Parties split. Liverpool

“John Archer, “English Heritage,; “John Archer,” Londonist,; “John Archer,” University of Liverpool,;  Everett Jenkins, Pan-African Chronology III: A Comprehensive Reference to Black Quest for Freedom in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia, 1914-1929 (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2011).

Free company director check.

Open Monday to Friday I always think that’s a great response to the prejudice that Archer faced! BLOG: Liverpool Town Hall and the American Civil War. If not, goodbye to the prestige of Great Britain”.

0000001794 00000 n John Richard Archer

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