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So, he originally pretended to be insane, but his plan was foiled and he was forced to join the Greek army against the Trojans. By 1848 the resistance movement was gaining strength and there were skirmishes with the British Army in Argostoli and Lixouri which led to some relaxation in the laws and to freedom of the press. Historians have also discovered that names such as Val di Compare, Ithaki nisos, Thiaki, Fiaki, and Teaki have all been used in Greek mythology to refer to Ithaca Island. [21] The municipality, unchanged at the Kallikratis reform, includes islets other than Ithaca including two near Cape Melissa, Arkoudi and Atokos to the northeast and the numerous islets in the Echinades Island group (the larger ones being Drakonera, Makri, Oxeia, Petalas, and Vromonas) to the east near the mainland of Aetolia-Acarnania. Those poems are generally thought to have been composed sometime in the 9th or 8th centuries BC, but may have made use of older mythological and poetic traditions; their depiction of the hero Odysseus and his rule over Ithaca and the surrounding islands and mainland preserves some memories of the political geography, customs, and society of the time. It consists of two parts, of about equal size, connected by the narrow isthmus of Aetos (Eagle), just 600 metres (1,969 feet) wide. The capital of Ithaca is Vathy with the island’s main land mass being approximately 96 KM Sq.

The French quickly began preparing to face the British fleet, which had become very powerful, by building a fort in Vathy. The ancient town of Alalcomenae on Ithaca, in the Ionian: Alalcomenae is an ancient town placed on a hill above the modern small village of Piso Aetos, to the south of Ithaca island. In 1807, according to the Tilsit Treaty with Turkey, the Ionian Islands once again came under the French rule (1807–1809 AD). During the Mycenaean period (1600–1100 BC), Ithaca rose to the highest level of its ancient history. After Helen's abduction by Paris and before the Trojan War started, Odysseus was told by an oracle that if he went to the expedition to retrieve Helen, he would not return home for decades.

Worldwide famous as the home of Odysseus, Ithaca symbolises the return to the haven, the discovery and the fulfillment.

The island has been known as Ithaca from an early date, as coins and inscriptions show. During this short historical period, the new ideas of system and social structure greatly influenced the inhabitants of the island. During the British protectorate period prominent citizens of Ithaki participated in the secret "Philiki Etairia" which was instrumental in organizing the Greek Revolution of 1821 against Turkish rule, and Greek fighters found refuge there. It constitutes both a dímos (municipality) and a perifereiakí enótita (regional unit) in the periféreia (region) of the Ionian Islands (Modern Greek: Iónia Nisiá). Corfu became the capital of the Septinsular Republic, and the form of government was democratic, with a fourteen-member senate in which Ithaca had one representative. Across time, the island fell to various conquerors and experienced changed circumstances, meaning the population of the island kept changing through history. The Ithacans were characterized as great navigators and explorers with daring expeditions reaching further than the Mediterranean Sea. The church of The Saviour and the remains of an old gaol are located on the islet.[20]. The most important town in the centuries that followed was Alalcomenae, founded in the Hellenistic times, close to the modern village of Aetos. In the last few centuries, some scholars have argued that Homer's Ithaca was not modern Ithaca, but a different island. History shows that the name ‘Ithaca’ has remained unchanged for many centuries when referring to the Ionian Islands. [15][16] Modern scholars generally accept the identification of modern Ithaca with Homeric Ithaca[17], and explain discrepancies between the Odyssey's description and the actual topography as the product of lack of first-hand knowledge of the island, or as poetic license. Ithaca is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and the only municipality of the regional unit. In the southern part, in the area of Aetos, the town Alalcomenae was founded. The location of the island is to the northeast part of the Kefalonia coast and western part of the … [5], In 1479, Ottoman forces reached the islands and many of the people fled from the island out of fear of the new Turkish settlers. According to a treaty of 1503, Ithaca, Cephalonia and Zakynthos would be ruled by the Venetians, and Lefkada by the Ottoman Empire. Ithaca is an island in the Ionian Sea in Greece, which was an important setting in one of the most famous myths of ancient Greece, the Odyssey. At the end of 1798, the French were succeeded by Russia and Turkey (1798–1807), which were allies at that time. [19], Lazaretto Islet (or Island of The Saviour) guards the harbor. The fleets prevailed, and from 1500 onwards the Venetians controlled the islands. Ithaca is an island in the Ionian Sea in Greece, which was an important setting in one of the most famous myths of ancient Greece, the Odyssey. Under the 1864 Treaty of London, Ithaca, along with the remaining six Ionian islands, was ceded to Greece as a gesture of diplomatic friendship to Greece's new Anglophile king, George I. In the middle of the port lies the islet named "Lazareto", on which stands the church of "Sotiros" (Savior). Despite the research, Homer’s Ithaca has still not been revealed. [9][10], It has also been suggested that Paliki, the western peninsula of Kefalonia, is Homer's Ithaca.

Following earlier commentators, he interpreted the word translated above as "low-lying" to mean "close to the mainland", and the phrase translated as "farthest out to sea, towards the sunset" as meaning "farthest of all towards the north."

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