is jerome the joker

[24], Jerome is a nihilistic anarchist,[26] sharing many similarities with the Joker. We have fish to fry. Jerome was then told by Cicero to scratch the initials for the Hellfire Club on the hatchet used to kill Lila, and to throw it off Arkham Bridge. And she loved you very much. 1. Sid | He wished to bring all of Gotham's citizens down to his level, describing how "we could all go insane with just one bad day". Only this time, Alfred and Selina had taken the place of his parents'. Jerome's second and final death is a nod to Jack Nicholson's. Jerome picked up some dirt from Cobblepot's prison uniform and dropped it on the floor, then turned around and started whistling while leaving the prison cell. He serves as a minor antagonist in Season 1, a major antagonist in Season 2, one of the three main antagonists (alongside Sensei and Jervis Tetch) of Season 3, one of the two secondary antagonists of Season 4 (alongside Sofia Falcone) and as a posthumous antagonist in Season 5. After Dwight was arrested, Jerome loaded Dwight up and took back his face as he kidnapped Dwight, leaving in a cop car. He also showed that he had no problem with dying a second time, as he willingly fell to his own death, laughing as he did so. Stan Potolsky | Unnamed police officers - 5 shot, 1 stabbed. He was later experimented on by Hugo Strange, although his corpse was stolen by Dwight Pollard for his own personal goal of reviving him, being sympathetic to his cause of mindless anarchy. Alias Stephens explained that he becomes "amalgam of Jeremiah and Jerome that I think audiences are gonna look at and say, 'If it's not the Joker then it's definitely an antecedent that lives there. Jerome: No..

However Theo betrays Jerome and stabs him in the throat. This served as her sole appearance in the series.

This indicates that, while he would always have been ruthless and insane, Jerome may have had a chance at being normal if his family life had been different, though he did not seem to pay much attention to these musings, and instead embraced his insanity. Richard Gladwell | Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. “This is not a red herring,” Heller told E! [Jerome's sudden crying turns to laughter as he looks at Cicero with a sadistic smile on his face]

This is best shown through his leadership of the Maniax before his death, leading a cult that worshipped him after he was resurrected, taking over Arkham Asylum, and leading the Legions of Horribles. Ra's al Ghul | Tabitha Galavan |

Gordon: What was the name of his ship? Tell you what, buddy. What's happened? He was defeated by Jim Gordon, who literally punched his face off. In Season 4, while in Arkham Asylum, he throws a Joker playing card at, He also dresses up as a law enforcement officer similar to Heath Ledger's, His message to Gotham City about how they are all "prisoners" due to their sanity also mirrors a soliloquy made by the Joker about how insanity is the "emergency exit" in, During his return in Season 3, Jerome's disfigured face took influence from the acclaimed comics arc, Inspiration appears to be taken from Mark Hamill's, Jerome's surname, Valeska, sounds similar to ". Jerome Valeska is a recurring villain in the television series Gotham. Killing people in very violent and twisted ways.Gloating about his evil actions.Scheming criminal plans.Wreaking as much havoc across Gotham City as he can.Laughing and enjoying his insanity. Full Name Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Jerome is one of the predecessors to the Joker, it is unknown whether or not his brother Jeremiah is the true Joker.

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