how to measure current with a multimeter on a breadboard

It's the same with electricity in a circuit. endobj // Leaf Group Lifestyle. F��*�Ц0/ U��Q������^Wlb��i����nK.�d�$������.��$��~�Z�)�^|�8����-�G��W�c� After determining the voltage or resistance, remove the probes and write down the value. You measure current by putting the multimeter leads in series with your circuit. <>>> The red multimeter probe is the positive probe and has a banana jack at the end of the probe wire.

Be aware that the port may not be able to supply the required current at the required voltage. That is how easy you can do the measurement of current. endobj For this instructable you will need an led a 4aa (or aaa) battery pack a breadboard (bought from radioshack or t2retail in the uk) breadboard jumpers (from radioshack or t2retail) a few 100ohm resistors (or any value but you will need to change your layout to get the same results) and finally a multimeter (measures voltage, resistance, current ect.)

Plug the banana jack into the red multimeter plug. Use a multimeter on these test points to see if the voltage measured matches the labeled test point voltage. Then, insert the multimeter in-line so that the current is measured as it flows through your multimeter into the destined breadboard. 2 0 obj Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. %PDF-1.5

stream {�m5�g���nI����I,�=x5�Sb�^q�vH�@�`kD�;lO�{c�m\��|2�(�V0�8��>��5jrO��đ Measuring current in a circuit is like measuring the flow rate of water in a sprinkler system. ������: Use caution when handling electronic devices as the voltages can cause shock and injury.

Read the multimeter display for the voltage or resistance measurement. Do not short the port by putting the multimeter across it in current mode. 3 0 obj x��Zmo�6� ���VQ+�$� Iv���h{��~P�#Ա���\��wfHJ�,�����9�7���}}Z^�\��M�����%�~þ���y�K�T�je�RY�K�E�k��g���m���P�NY:�Gw}{~v�3����~9?�,��"��i���T����,c+�������6ѳ�d�f�?��Z'�����} ��|�����cި4�fS�ͮa%Ŭ^�כd��VlQ7���M�\�v���oɼ��g��{��@[���G"_��#�/�e��}c[F�9�sV�ΊTt#�T�&� ��8٤ZZ�.�{N�k��g�tЬ�6w�׳TƔ$��w�V�f�,�T�'�EZ�Q��7���>�t�����?����e-o��`��2]�9�J&@=��S�5���_m��V�2��k}9/��\e�x9�ܔ7�B��L�����c��b�{J�"�B1��L��������1>9 �Aubj�9�`�p^�*t��^�+��n���@�Jԁ���(���̕{�dv�3���p�2�N����W�)����uvv��zZ��r�\�5��b(��d� �� -�0��3�+Eƅfs��%Ĕ���'��x� Xq�8�S�5�)K@$��,5�A?��X�q�fj4�j mB��-$j�����_�Ά�s ��������mV,�g���^�HJ;���.�J���q��V g����NfNab.q/pV�8yo��x��[��g;���V���^l���v�*6���Hip��*���rE)���G\QD�O�97����zoim)1����z�N�����y"��������/c��FË�pA�se=g9���^?u���@�kdž�7v��K If you're going to measure voltage, such as measuring the power that is supplied to the circuit board, select either an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage. Keep your hands on the plastic potion of the probes so you don't get shocked. Remove any housing on the device in order to gain access to the circuit board.

A basic LCR meter is very similar to a multimeter normally used to measure things like voltage and current. This video guides the student through the proper techniques for measuring current with a multimeter. That could damage the port and will not give you the information you want. This guided hands-on laboratory activity to help a student understand the proper and safe use of a multimeter to measure current using an electronic labs kit. �a/O��*1���� z:�zz��*�ۻ��_�vh�k`e����|�5�k�����}W�5�?�On�Ц뎜>Q[���*�+�׆N��;�Je���T�Oz"_h�C��|����$�P�g��ڲE�nm�ӂa�!$��JN��y�DL���y1���hJ��[2Ώ_\)�Q!��;}z�jl��y��A% ����WR=1sK��Q��X���l�ߡp�ߢ���{z��K*,F�sG���� qF�z T��������? Plug in your multimeter probes to your multimeter, making sure you observe the correct polarity. If you have two DMMs, you can measure the voltage and current simultaneously.

He authored the book "The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting," which includes health and fitness hints for parents. endobj Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Using caution not to touch any of the electrical components or wiring, plug the electrical device in and turn it on. Touch the multimeter probes to the circuit board test points if you're measuring voltage.

He and his wife, Robin, are coauthors of the "Free College Resource Book. To find out how fast the water is flowing you must insert a flow meter in the line. Test leads in appropriate socket, and then connect the probes to the points you want to measure the voltage between.In voltage modes an analogue multimeter actually measure current flowing the meter's col, but then use a bypass resistor to allow most of the current to bypass the meter. =��#M�Y��_�`ůcȅiXDV��@':�X��9����_�Q��f����F�&(�?8t�`P~4ι|S���bOt^�t.TZ�P‘H��X�sAeC��� K},�96�b��'�z>�"l�x����X �s�9�wX�v����olWh��b������'Ϣ�����/0�(M�F�l6�a�3ɢZ���-�C��{+�����6R The red probe goes to the test point and the black probe goes to ground or common. Measuring Current on a Breadboard . The electrical schematic of the circuit board will tell you which type of voltage is present. ", Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Most meters are handheld with a readout screen that will display 0 after you press the power button. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. �D� �l��mko�nUiq�:��U�2? To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Select your multimeter function to measure voltage or resistance by turning the function knob or selecting a function button. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Even if you don't have an electrical schematic of the circuit board, which would identify components and give you the voltage and resistor values that should be present, many circuit boards have test points that are clearly labeled. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. <>

Insert the black probe banana jack into the black multimeter plug. There can be dangerous voltages on circuit boards. Select your multimeter function to measure voltage or resistance by turning the function knob or selecting a function button. When troubleshooting electronic assemblies, keep a small bowl nearby for loose parts so you don't lose them. <> %���� �6F{F'���;�ʭԀ�y�{x~$3��� R3ϰ��N��@bB�V�y��Ժ&��fI��|N҃1S��/@�@ұ�3ԅ�A�TY�l��=Q��'�"F�>��a�c�} If it doesn’t display 0, press the reset button to set the meter at 0. After you've made all your measurements, turn off the electrical device and the multimeter. Remove the power from the electrical device and put the housing back on. Doug Hewitt has been writing for over 20 years and has a Master of Arts from University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Multimeters can be valuable troubleshooting tools when working with circuit boards.

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To use the ohmmeter, you need to select it from the list of instruments in the Digital Multimeter window (see Figure 5, it is represented by the symbol). If you're measuring the resistance of resistors, connect one probe to each end of the resistor. Unplug the electrical device that the circuit board is a part of. If you're going to measure voltage, such as measuring the power that is supplied to the circuit board, select either an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage. So to measure the power in watts of a load/appliance, both the voltage across the load and the current passing through it must be measured. To measure voltage set the multimeter to read voltage. If they are the same, it will give you confidence that the circuit board is operating normally. Watts = Volts x Current.

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