how to drill out a winchester gun safe

This hole was rather small (~3/8 inch) and he then took a pick and aligned the disc that rotate when using the combination. People are happy from the services which are according to their choice. Does anyone have any photos or a manual that could help me out? Your email address will not be published. Opening a safe via drilling requires we pull the existing lock off and drill in through the front of save to take out the components keeping the door closed. As soon the door is opened, expand the locking bolts fully in order to avoid closing of the door. The safe can be used with simple repair. I will pay all of your expenses getting the battery bypass to me and FedEx the box back to you after I open my safe. I’ve gone through a 4 year long divorce. I wll only consider a safe with a mechanical backup. The key looks as if it was laser cut and has 5 small dots on the center ridge. Step 2 Slightly push upward on the safe from the side while somebody else removes the skid. We are providing best services because we have years if experience and we know what type of services people want to get. The instructions above are for anchoring the safe to a concrete floor ONLY. And as Mike points out above, most electronic safes have a mechanical over-ride. Drill away. I can send the info to you general deliivery to a post office. If you have a Liberty, Winchester, Remington, Browning, Cannon, Colt, AMSEC, S&W, or whatever that has an electronic lock and an EMP event were to occur–what then?

Scoping is considered the most practical option because it causes the least damage to the vault. Several safes are available, but the Winchester safe is considered to be better built than other safes .

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Make sure you drill through the gypsum slowly, and then use a razor/really sharp knife to slit the fabric at the hole. Now consider what kind of lock you may have on your firearm safe, if you have one–hummmmm? Nowadays, the safes that are made are mostly electronic in nature. Use a carpenter’s level to check levelness. You bet they are and in the event of a nuclear strike they may be the first devices launched. This ‘article’ is nothing but a pile of conjecture and BS.

But there may be instances when the safe user has lost the safe key and then gets into trouble on the user’s part to access the gun and other weapons that are safe. Working theory is that two or three big ones detonated above Nebraska (central U.S. location) would shut down the entire electric grid for many years (and they will) and EMP will also smoke nearly all things electronic and all modern circuitry that is not seriously EMP proofed. Make sure the safe is level on the floor. This disaster list can just go on and on, so let’s back to the original premise of this for gun owners. Remove black caps from the carpeted base piece on the inside floor of the safe; this will allow you to access the pre-drilled bolt down holes. Colorado –-( If you have electric locks on anything such as your impenetrable firearm safe or anything of that nature consider this. Basically devices of this type could take our modern society instantly back to the mid-1700s or earlier. To you and Susan, I will take pics of both keys tomorrow, front and back. … This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Slightly push upward on the safe from the side while somebody else removes the skid. If your gun safe is bolted down while tilted, it’ll remain that way.

I just returned a gun safe from Costco that did not have a key backup. I am willing to help in anyway… Read more », Rick, Yes, I am talking about the main key. To get more customers it is very important to provide bet service to people.

ARCHIVED; Armory » Safes & Home Security. I was able to wiggle the battery cable enough to remake the connection to the pad and unlock the safe. Form instructions to have your lock’s combination reset. There might be bankruptcy filings in CA that could help track down information on key serial numbers and other customer information. If your lock has a hole in the center of the lock the lock smith can take the center pin out of the tool and open your safe . Then switch back to a jobber bit for the internal sheet metal. Step 1. I get this a lot lately with my new virus program. We work according to the requirements of people to fulfill all their needs. If they filed bankruptcy I did not think that the court might could help….. Utter garbage, a battery powered luck attached to a large metal box would be virtually impervious to EMP. Small stuff for one or two hand guns like Gun Vault you can defeat to open fairly easily, but the big stuff is another story. An EMP event is extremely unlikely to affect somethting like a gun-safe’s electronic lock, since the lock is neither connected to the power grid nor does it contain long lengths of wire that would act as an antenna to capture the radiated electromagnetic pulse.

Lock specific failures can be a variety of methods. And watch out for the carpeting on the inside like Sicero said. I lost one set of my keys to my Patriot safe, did any of you have any luck getting new spares? The driller needs to know how the drilling process is completed. is there anyway i can get in that gun safe??? Judge said I can now recover my firearms and the safe but my ex did something with the bypass battery box and barrel key and the batteries are dead. Locked out of winchester safe with keypad Lagard – AR15. The woman I spoke with was very forthcoming once I won her over with 20 minutes of idle chitchat .

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