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In fact, I normally plan my holidays entirely around where and what I am going to eat. Yep, Australians can be kind of weird. Larger quolls live up to four to five years while smaller quolls have a lifespan of about two years. Come and see some of Australia’s weird wildlife on an Adventure Tour in the Land Down Under. but it’s still a bit funny. birds...Â, ...and the whole bush seems to be moving with lizards of all shapes and sizes. FEELING INSPIRED? I’m sorry…. Either their faces light up at the thought of cute kangaroos and koalas, or they actually recoil in horror. One of the best places to see koalas in the wild is Kangaroo Island, a natural island sanctuary home to many of Australia’s native animals. Few people realise it, but the Australian dingo might be facing the same fate soon... Are you worried about venomous or otherwise dangerous animals in Australia?

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. At around 9 to 10 months the joey leaves the pouch for good, ready to munch on a variety of eucalypts. While you’ll only find cassowaries in the warmer climates of north Queensland, it’s important not to underestimate the big bird if you come across it. With a stocky body and a long tail, these spunky creatures are much like a cross between a Tasmanian Devil and a cat. If seeing Australia’s wildlife is a huge bucket list item for you, we know the best places for unforgettable wildlife experiences.

You’ll find kangaroos in nearly all Australian wildlife sanctuaries and zoos, but seeing them in the wild is a real special treat. There are roughly 30 different species of wallabies, grouped by their habitat: shrub wallabies, brush wallabies, and rock wallabies.

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Even devils can’t resist a lazy sunbathing day. The 30 Cutest Animals In Australia Ranked From Cute To Very Very Cute. Because they’re nocturnal creatures, the best way to catch a glimpse of these cute little guys is to grab a torch and take a night bushwalk. Actually, they’re a marsupial (a mammal that carries its babies in a pouch) and they can be found all the way from the Kimberley region, down into Victoria and Tasmania. They are dangerous! Meet the Aussie animal that’s as cute as it is rare.

Unlike most other marsupials, however, the wombat’s pouch faces backwards toward its rear. It has the ability to glide noiselessly in air. The frill in action.

This lizard is so unusual and quintessentially Australian, that popular children’s show Playschool, even created a song and dance for children about the iconic Aussie animal. This black, hairy creature may look cute from a distance, but is a carnivorous predator with a very sharp set of teeth.

Imagine seeing your dog do that! Some look like a woolly cross between a bear and a kangaroo with golden and red coats. It doesn’t help that this elusive animal is hard to spot – its silvery brown fur blends within the glistening surfaces of the streams and rivers in its habitat. There are 12 known species of tree kangaroo, all looking quite different from each other. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if lyrebirds are in fact robots in disguise.

This is to prevent soil from getting into the pouch as the wombat burrows. Their coarse dark fur and round ears give them a baby bear-like appearance, complete with a pudgy build. Best Time for Whale Watching in Australia, 9 Incredible Things to Do on Australia’s East Coast, 14 Reasons Why Kangaroo Island is a “Must Do in Australia”, Australia bucket list destination for animal lovers, Jungle Surfing tour in Daintree Rainforest. When you think of native birds you might think of a laughing kookaburra or a beautiful rainbow rosella. And if such impressive tunes are not enough, male lyrebirds will display their gorgeous lyre-shaped plumes during courtship.

With no natural predators or traffic on the island, quokkas have grown accustomed to humans and often make attempts to sneak into restaurants and campsites in search of food.

Read about my experiences with all these creatures, which are rarely as dangerous as they make you believe... (Ok, with exception of the crocodiles. When quokkas aren’t eating grasses, shrubs and leaves, they roam around Rottnest Island with the liberty and confidence of a tourist. The leaves of these trees are highly toxic and low on nutrition, requiring lots of energy to digest. These stout marsupials look like miniature bears with chunky cheeks. Contrary to popular belief, the koala is not a bear – though it’s certainly as cute as a teddy bear. Fluffy ears, puppy dog eyes, big button nose, cuddly body, the kind of sleepy demeanour that comes with sleeping 20 hours a day… what’s not to love about the koala? It gets its name from the stretchy skin-like frill that it can retract or extend around its neck and throat. This island off the coast of South Australia is surrounded in stunning bays, untouched wilderness and free roaming wildlife, including koalas.

Australia is also home to some of the most dangerous animals on earth. When early European settlers posted in Hobart, Tasmania, they came across a strange creature with frightening growls, high-pitched screeches and unearthly screams. They’re easily nature’s most skilled kick boxers.

You might also spot tree kangaroos on the Jungle Surfing tour in Daintree Rainforest! Too cute for words. They also have a pouch where the baby joey lives in for six months. So, play nice. ), Actually, once you arrive in the Australian Outback you will mostly be fascinated by the abundance of animals here! But this strange feature is nothing compared to its poo.

Larger wallabies tend to be social animals, traveling in groups called mobs. Like the kangaroo, this cuddly-looking creature is a marsupial.

Swimmers also need to be aware of the times when box jellyfish frequent the northern coast, and should know about the great white shark, the blue ring octopus and the stone fish. Highly individualistic and naturally cautious, dingoes are very curious but are more likely to avoid unfamiliar threats and confrontation. And you’ll most likely answer “Yes!”. There are four species of quoll native to Australia: the western quoll, eastern quoll, spotted-tail quoll and the northern quoll. Northern Australia has many wonderful wildlife parks and national parks, great places to become acquainted with our wildlife. You’re not very likely to see them in the wild outside of dedicated nature park refuges, so your best bet is to see them in wildlife parks and zoos.

They tend to shy away from humans, rarely showing aggression or attacking. Not a bad way to get around. A special tank called a platypusary is required for housing a platypus. The puppies of the sea occupy the waters around the south-west coast of the country, and you can even splash around with these inquisitive, friendly seals off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. You’re most likely to see wombats roaming Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, but it’s rare to see them out in the wild as they are nocturnal creatures.

They mostly hang about in tall eucalypt forests and woodlands of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Though there are huge efforts to minimize the impact of this disease, it’s a difficult task, as this disease is highly contagious among devils. In fact, many Australians tuck into chocolate bilbies each Easter as a conservation effort, replacing the traditional rabbit, which is a devastating pest Down Under. We couldn’t leave the national symbol off this list of Australia’s cutest animals — and they’re not hard to spot around the country at the moment as the population booms past the 50 million mark, outnumbering humans two to one. As ground dwelling birds, they rarely take flight. Though several Australian animals are considered dangerous, you’re more likely to get injured from a horse than a snake in Australia. With incredible agility, flexible joints, rotating wrists and fantastic jumping, digging and climbing abilities, dingoes are the ultimate escape artists.

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