famous downtown atlanta restaurants

Instead of confining himself to narrow traditions, he creates cult favorites: black spaghetti with red shrimp, hot Calabrian sausage, and scallions; 20-yolk tagliatelle with mushrooms and kale kimchi; and pan-fried white lasagna with creme fraiche and jalapeño pesto. One of the first questions we asked ourselves: Would we drive across town to eat there? And for non-Korean speakers, the menu became easier to navigate last year when it was overhauled with both photos and categories translated to English. Old-school politicos and R&B stars alike continue to file into the tight quarters on the outskirts of Atlanta’s HBCU complex, seeking lunch or early dinner (it closes at 7 p.m.). Here are the most historically iconic​ LA restaurants in order of when they were established. Some of the waitstaff seem to have been around about as long at the restaurant. If you’re not one of the lucky five—or want to drop less cash—simply tell your waitress how much you’d like to spend, and you’ll get a sampling of Naito’s best plates. LA's urban history may be shorter than East Coast and Midwest cities, but there are iconic Los Angeles restaurants that have stood the test of time. Without Chang, who’s drawn a cult following to restaurants across the South, the original Marietta location faltered at times and flourished at others. If corporate bigwigs want to blow $6,000 on wine, they do it at this landmark, wood- paneled steakhouse.

First class dining, 24 hours a day, in a restaurant built to resemble an old railway car is what you'll find at the Pacific Dining Car, which opened in 1921 in Downtown LA. Part of the breakfast menu is offered 24 hours a day. Laotian food has long been overshadowed in Atlanta by the cuisine of neighboring Thailand. In the basement of an unassuming south Buckhead apartment building sits one of Atlanta’s oldest restaurants.

They imbue the cozy restaurant, housed in a bungalow in historic Roswell, with a familial vibe that feels as genuinely Italian as the menu’s Roman staples. They only take cash, but there's an ATM inside.

You can fight us on this, but you won’t change our minds that this is the best Mexican restaurant in the metro area. Bon Ton is no doubt as cool as its predecessor, and the Viet-Cajun menu is clever without being too much so: You’ll find ground beef wrapped in betel leaves, seafood boils, oyster and cilantro dirty fried rice, and one of our favorite sandwiches: a Nashville hot oyster roll that’s extra punched up with XO sauce.

But the biggest draw remains the game-changing pizzas: classic round pies, thick-crust Sicilians, thick-yet-airy Detroit-style, and, of course, grandma. (There are also locations in Smyrna and Sandy Springs, and a Ponce City Market offshoot, Jia.) Once you’re inside, you’ll find a long, narrow bar that feels like a clubhouse for young, stylish neighbors hip to chef Aaron Russell, whose career includes influential stints at fine-dining bastions Seeger’s (RIP) and Restaurant Eugene.

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