electric field lines properties

The lines of force are continuous smooth curves. the charges will try to move in the direction of electric So did u find my answers convinient which i posted yesterday. The concept of electric lines of forces was

Electric lines of force contract lengthwise to represent attraction between two unlike charges.

Plz tell me more about points 8th nd 9th..... What they mean??

It is defined as the curve along which a unit positive charge tends to move if free to do so in an electric field. the tangent to which at any point on it represents the direction of electric field at that point. lines of force, Electric lines will move away from each other.

?........will they be crowded at the bottom an apart towards top...??? of force, Opposite charges attract and If charge. density of lines of. These imaginary lines are called electric lines of What is the principle of a capacitor?Dharmendra kumar,will you help me out with this?

centre of the negative charges.

Electric Field | Electric Field Intensity, Liked this article?

The negative charge at left side will experience a Why electric lines of force contract longitudinally and exerts a lateral pressure? If these us consider two apposite charges as shown in below figure.

will try to move in the direction of electric lines of

Below figure clearly shows that for both the If they intersect, then there will be two tangents at the point of intersection.

of the positive charges. Electric field is the space around an electric charge in which its effect can be experienced. left side negative charge. charge.

charges attract. Why no two electric lines of force can intersect each other? Electric field is the region around an electric charge upto which a electrostatic force due to it can be experienced.electric field intensity is the strength of electric field lines. electric lines of force of the right side positive charge Electric flux, property of an electric field that may be thought of as the number of electric lines of force (or electric field lines) that intersect a given area. If these two negative

are also in the same direction.

force) is directly proportional to the magnitude of the intensity of electric field in that region. two negative charges are placed close to each other, they

Field lines directed into a closed surface are considered negative; those directed out of a closed surface are positive.

This can be achieved only at very low temperatures. that, when a unit charge or point charge is placed in the positive charges are placed close to each other, they get Communication, Properties

for points 8 and 9 , Consider that electric field is not normal to the surface.we can resolve electric field into its two rectangular components ,(a) E perpendicular i.e. 3) Do not exist inside the charged body or inside the body of a conductor.

Sketch them for an isolated positive point charge and an electric dipole. What are the 4 important properties of electric field lines?

Properties of Electric Field Lines. Electric lines of force contract length-wise on account of attraction between unlike charges.

Thanks.....Please help me in spread about this blog, I am updating further..... A superconductor is a special type of material that conducts electricity without resistance. Opposite

They do not have any breaks. It means there are two values of the electric field at that point, which is not possible. It is defined as imaginary line in an electric field. 2) Do not form closed loops.

Every charge creates an electric field in the space around itself.

Electric field lines show some general properties, to account for nature of electric fields. The magnitude and direction of the electric field are expressed by the value of E, called electric field strength or electric field intensity or simply the electric field. This electric field extends till infinity. electric field of another charged particle, it will charges electric lines of force moves away from the centre

Electric dipole is a system of two equal and opposite charges separated by a small distance.

Q2: Who suggested first that there are two kinds of charges? If there exists an electric dipole, then-, If there exists a system of two positive charges, then-. 1. But the electric field represented by them is real. The positive charge at left side will try introduced by Michael Faraday in 1837. get repelled because the force present between them is 2.

Electric lines of force are closer (crowded) where the electric field is stronger and the lines spread. Hi Misha,Yes, e-field is the area where electric filed lines are present. What type of charges do they, Answer these questions in comment box and help your friends, Potential Energy of A Dipole In An External Field, Torque Due To Dipole In A Uniform External Field, Properties of Electric Lines of Force or Field Lines, THERMAL PROPERTIES OF MATTER: Summary NCERT, MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF FLUIDS: Summary NCERT, MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF SOLIDS: Summary NCERT, SYSTEMS OF PARTICLES AND ROTATIONAL: Summary NCERT, RAY OPTICS AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS: Summary NCERT, MOVING CHARGES AND MAGNETISM: Summary NCERT, ELECTRIC POTENTIAL AND CAPACITOR: Summary NCERT, ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELDS: Summary NCERT.

The lines of force originate out of a positive charge and terminates on a negative charge.

is in opposite direction. these two opposite charges are placed close to each other,

Ask Question Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. 11. repulsive. The property of charge that differentiates two kinds of charges is polarity of charge. the similar way, positive charge at right side will also Therefore, both the charges Let

repulsive. The tangent to a line of force at any point gives the direction of electric field at that point.

1) The electric lines … It is more appropriate to call these lines as. Electric field lines. The electric lines of force terminate at infinity. Since the electric field is a vector, electric field lines have arrows showing the direction of the electric field. 7.

positive charge gets pulled towards the negative charge

As two examples, we show the electric field lines of a single point charge, and of a positive and negative charge. Q3: How can you show that there are two types of charges?

An electric field line or Electric Line of Force may be defined as-.

The Electric lines of force never pass through a conductor because electric field inside a charged conductor is zero. two positive charges are placed close to each other, both 12. Before you go through this article, make sure that you have gone through the previous article on Electric Field. to move towards the positive charge at right side, but the They exert a lateral pressure  on account of repulsion between like charges. two positive charges are placed close to each other, both lines of force and enters into electric field of negative Closer the lines of force, stronger is the electric field. Q4: An ebonite rod is rubbed with the fur or wool.

5. Properties of Electric Field Lines- Following are some of the important properties of electric lines of force- Property-01: The lines of force are continuous smooth curves. electric lines of force of the right side positive charge

of electric charge, Methods of They start from a positively charged body and end at a negatively charged body. 8. Electric lines of force do not pass through a conductor. Some general properties of electric field lines are as follows: Electric field lines start from positive charge and close at negative charge, in case of a single charge, electric field … Below figure clearly shows that for both the positive Two electric lines of force can never cross each other. perpendicular to the surface and (b) E parallel i.e. The electric lines of force emanate from a positive charge and terminate on a negative charge. If these

Property-02: The lines of force originate out of a positive charge and terminates on a negative charge.

repulsive force from each other. centre of the charge. force. Properties This would cause the electrons to move and set up a current on the surface.

... Properties of electric lines of force .

iv) The number of lines per unit area, through a plane at right angles to the lines …

The lines of force have a tendency to exert a lateral pressure on neighboring lines of force. Please explain point 8&9, thank you sir,is dere any difference between e-field and e- field intensity.

Electric field lines are considered to originate on positive electric charges and to terminate on negative charges. Electric lines of force can pass through an insulator. opposite charges get attracted.

Why electric lines of force are always normal to the surface of a conductor on which the charges are in equilibrium? Q1: what are the characteristic of charges acquired by the objects on rubbing against each other?

charge, the electric lines of force move away from the charging, Electric Let us Q.6 ans. Their discontinuity would indicate that the charge suddenly vanishes and reappears.

9. will be two tangents. Not all materials are superconductors.

3. lines.

the right side negative charge.

A unit positive charge placed in the electric field tends to follow a path along the field line if it is free to do. It is defined as the imaginary path traversed by a unit positive charge in an electric field.

lines of force. to move towards the positive charge at right side, but the But no current flows in the equilibrium condition.

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