dedication 2 genius

Then I went bought a hundred choppas for gorillas

This means no new threads or posts can be created New Hip-Hop 2019! [Chorus] Them broads laugh at ya, them niggas won't kill ya I'll be shootin everything up in my eyesight mister Dedication to my city, know I put us on the map Ok... This a real nigga celebration, This a Dime Blocc declaration Level four yard living given to false imprisonment Hol' up AK on the backseat, baby it's so-{*record rewinds*} Gettin' out twenty American pies an hour The cycle of a black man divided, tryna break it, You take a loss? Tryna save the past, SIM card-ass niggas The sum of all my sacrifice, I'm done waitin', I'm done waitin', told you that I wasn't playin' Dedication It's dedication, look 献身 献身だ、見ろ [Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] I spent my whole life thinkin' out the box Boxin' homies three-on-one, got DP'ed but I ain't drop 人生ずっと枠に囚われず生きてきた 3対1でホーミーと闘って Wake up motherfuckers it's Weezy, you got a problem? If it ain't congratulate then it look like hate Cook the books, bring it back so it's no taxes, Royalties, publishing, plus I own masters
俺にはリアルな奴に与えられる賠償が必要だ, 気晴らしにお前の銀行を襲う前に And lil' Currensy'll split ya, Mack Maine'll straight flip ya This ain't entertainment, it's for niggas on the slave ship How you watch my struggle and you suppose to be my brother? I'm Weezy baby! This my dedication to them niggas that sat back and watched me struggle I heard that he got hit, that was my work, I left him brainless How you watch my struggle and you suppose to be my brother?
2Pac of my generation, blue pill in the fuckin' Matrix, Red rose in the gray pavement Ten shells, let 'em save themselves Big homie Yayo, I say the word 'fore we come get you Dedication to my niggas, got caught up on wiretaps I stayed down, went got that bag, and now it's time to bubble (Trap) I stayed down, went got that bag, and now it's time to bubble (Trap) [Verse 1]

Watch me let it spray like a hydrant, can't dodge it About flourishing from the streets to black businesses? (Missing Lyrics). How long should I stay dedicated? Dedication (Aye, yeah, Go) Dedication (Aye, yeah, Go) I spent my whole life thinkin' out the box Heads to them Katrina victims, we still mobbin Used to be "stay safe," now it's "stay dangerous", 'Cause ain't no point in playin' defense nigga Goddamn, excuse ma'am but I'm the man マラソン(※12)をいくつか走破し評判を築いた, ダイム・ブロック:ニプシーらの所属するRollin 60's Neighborhood Cripsの縄張り, マトリックスの青いピル:映画『マトリックス』(原題:The Matrix、1999年)では、主人公=ネロが赤いピルと青いピルのどちらかを飲むよう迫られる。赤いピルを飲めば現実の世界に生きられる一方で、青いピルを飲めばこれまでどおり虚構の世界に生き続けられる。ここでは、地元=クレンショーの人々が外の世界を見ずに生きていくことを、青いピルを飲む選択になぞらえている。また、青はニプシーも所属するクリップスのシンボル・カラーでもある, コンクリートに咲いた赤いバラ:2パック(2Pac)の詩集『コンクリートに咲いたバラ』(原題:The Rose That Grew from Concrete、1999年)から, L:コンプトン出身のラッパー=リル・L(Lil L)。ケンドリック・ラマー(Kendrick Lamar)も出演した、Noiseyのドキュメンタリー『noisey Bompton 犯罪都市コンプトン・ヒップホップ・シーンの現在』シリーズにも出ている、ケンドリックの幼馴染, 2と4とかの話:ギャングの縄張り争いの話。クリップスにもブラッズにも20や40を名前に冠するセットが存在する。また、2と4を足せば6であることから、ニプシーの所属するRollin 60's Neighborhood Cripsを想起させる, クソみたいな白人の奴隷になる:悪徳大手レーベルの言いなりになり、不利な契約を結ばされる, マラソン:ニプシーは自らのハッスルをマラソンに喩える。展開しているアパレル店もThe Marathon Clothing, Look, my nigga this is dedication, this is anti-hesitation, I'm done waitin', told you that I wasn't playin', I spent my whole life thinkin' out the box, Chirp on me, here I come, brrt, spin around the block, I spent my whole life starin' at the stage, Catchin' vapors, grandma said I'd get some Jordans for my grades, I spent my whole life tryna make it, tryna chase it, You take a loss? (Missing Lyrics), Oh Well (Protein) This that dedication to them bitches, said they with me but they was hating

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