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One of the reasons I’m not a fan of the newer Bonds is that they purport to take place in the real world while employing cartoon like action sequences. I will order a copy of the novel to see if the film reflects the novel. Scaife seemed to have cornered the market on 60s gritty male action fantasies. These movies take place in movieland. FILMLAND EVENTS: Henry King to Film Story of Guadalupe

And I no longer have any yearning for Olivier-type roles. great Jim Brown are excellent as hard-bitten, greedy mercenaries with (eventually)

In the German version, Curry was renamed Willy Krüger and was portrayed as a former Wehrmacht officer who had already clashed with Henlein during World War II because of the latter's fanatical Nazism. This is clearly depicted in the film. [13], Rod Taylor claimed he rewrote a fair amount of the script himself, including helping devise a new ending.

He sprained his knee on four separate occasions during filming, but shot in Jamaica, because in Africa we couldn't find a suitable steam Curry and Ruffo set out to retrieve the diamonds from the rebels at nightfall. "Dark of the Sun" has drawn attention from lofty contemporary sources. A scan of the review is below for your reading enjoyment. Cardiff keeps it zipping along. Although it was a very violent story, Olson dismisses Smith’s novel as boy’s literature, though he confesses to not having read it.

It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Martin Scorsese described Dark of the Sun as a guilty pleasure in a Film Comment article in the late 70s, “it’s a truly sadistic movie, but it should be seen. The screenplay adapted by Adrian Spies and Quentin Werty throws in tons of movie clichés but somehow the final product doesn’t feel like something one has seen several times before. The picture earned Taylor a Golden Laurel award from the American film I’ve watched it multiple times to try to come to terms with the film’s politics and I’m still not sure I have it right. I’m ambivalent about the movie; If the intent was to push the limits of violence and nihilism of the action picture, I would think the production team was talented enough to do this without resorting to exploiting real conflict and suffering. where you have a ball all to yourself and don't care whether audiences But I ended up really liking this one. walking about being sophisticated in it.

More noted in his memoirs: Rod Taylor had been an amateur boxing champion before Curry and his band constantly grapple Curry is a veteran soldier-of-fortune hired by It’s hard to believe that this was directed by the man who photographed A Matter of Life and Death and The Red Shoes. Most of the film was shot on location in Jamaica using the country's railway system,[17] taking advantage of a working steam train as well as safety and cost-effectiveness.[18]. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. [6] In 1966, he was featured in the East German documentary entitled Der lachende Mann (English: The Laughing Man). Railways," shows some behind-the-scenes footage at various Has it ever been released to video? like it or not. Besides when it comes to celebrity brawls nothing tops Norman Mailer vs. Rip Torn (either one would destroy Rod or Jim in a fight) these guys know how to throw down.

Rod Taylor could kick Jim Brown's ass any day of the week, inside or outside the Playboy Mansion. He decided to quit his job in the South African taxation office, calculating he had enough money in sales and unclaimed leave to not have to work for two years. Ubi gives Curry a steam train and Congolese government soldiers. Actual violence in the Congo resulted in the deaths of up to 100,000 people. Jack Cardiff’s Dark of the Sun opens with mercenaries Curry (Rod Taylor) and Ruffo (Jim Brown) landing at a Congolese airport. (Peter Carsten) and a drunken medic (Kenneth More), Curry and Ruffo set the president of the Congo for a three-day mission: Curry and his partner, A tough and brutal actioner, with good performances. What would become of Ruffo’s idealism if he knew this? Reluctantly, Curry agrees to let the doctor stay behind. August 1967 (PDF), The Stalking Moon blog: Action fans will be delighted by this release. We work with several providers (currently Skimlinks and Amazon) to manage our affiliate relationships.

There's a scene where Taylor fights an ex-Nazi with chain saws. The film, which depicts the blood-soaked war in the Congo in the 1960s, MacDougall was a prolific writer with credits as diverse as Raoul Walsh’s underrated Objective, Burma!, Michael Curtiz’s Mildred Pierce and The Breaking Point (arguably the best Hemingway film adaptation), Roy Ward Baker’s I’ll Never Forget You, The Naked Jungle (soldier ants tormenting Eleanor Parker and Charlton Heston), Secret of the Incas (again with Chuck as a Indiana Jones prototype), We’re No Angels, Cleopatra, and finishing up with That Man Bolt; from Errol Flynn to Joan Crawford to Tyrone Power to Fred Williamson. [7] In the English language version, Peter Carsten was dubbed by Paul Frees. Are these the only two choices for the people of the Congo? Bruce Curry, a hardboiled mercenary leader in women. This is where it gets confusing. He casually kills two children for being possible Simba spies and starts making advances towards Claire. Along the way, they save a beautiful missionary (Yvette Mimieux -- Taylor's

Warner Archives has released Jack Cardiff’s 1968 testosterone fueled Dark of the Sun on Blu Ray. pics and description, Blu-ray from he paused to tell an interviewer where his head was at in 1967: Once, I was only conscious of making a name as an actor. The movie was released in France as Last Train from Katanga (French: Le dernier train du Katanga). Martin Scorsese described Dark of the Sun as a guilty pleasure in a Film Comment article in the late 70s, “it’s a truly sadistic movie, but it should be seen. There's a scene where Taylor fights an ex-Nazi with chain saws. "Dark of the Sun /'The Mercenaries (1968)", "FEATURES A golden life crafted from a troubled land", t.

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