butterick patterns summer 2020

The overlap of the skirt pieces looks quite deep, which is nice.

Corinne. I guess that would be way too much work. I don’t think I need to add this particular pattern to the stash (I think I’ve got similar styles already in my pattern collection), but I might be inspired to try mixing and matching patterns in new ways now.

They all look so old-fashioned, but that's the "thing" these days isn't it? I mean, I think it’s a nice design, and I like the different skirt options, but I’m not sure it’s something that needs to be added to an already overflowing stash. I almost like the 6774 set of patterns, and maybe might get that when it’s on sale, but otherwise I have more than enough in my stash and to-sew-right-now-like-right-now pile.

B6774 – I think that this wardrobe pattern isn’t the most exciting, but I do think the pieces mix and match well as showcased on the cover image. Nope, too old for those! Shop Butterick Sewing Patterns at Jaycotts and discover your ideal Dress pattern plus tops, blouses, skirts, pants, coats, jackets, bridal, men's, Childrens, costumes and more Sort by. Left to Right: McCall's 8115, McCall's 8105, McCall's 8121. to help give you the best experience we can.

Order it now at McCall.com #sewingpattern #sewing #caftanpattern, This misses' jacket, belt, top & shorts, B6774, is a belted jacket with pockets & button front.

B6759 – This dress doesn’t have much new in terms of silhouette, but it is interesting to see the use of the angled darts in the bodice. Butterick. ), Butterick Patterns - Home Décor / Soft Furnishings, Butterick Patterns - Lingerie / Underwear, Butterick Patterns - Sleepwear, Pyjamas, Gowns / Robes, Butterick Patterns - Tops, Shirts & Blouses, Butterick Patterns for Babies / Small Infants, Butterick Patterns for Children, Teens & Toddlers, Christmas Ribbons / Trimmings / Lace / Bindings, Christmas Sewing Patterns - Costumes & Decoration, Costume Patterns - Super Heroes / Villain / Comic book / Sci Fi / Video Game. Can’t compare to Burda but if someone that is new to sewing would ask me for advice, this would be a great start! Thanks! B6769 – Same with think dress/top/tunic pattern. They were just meh. summer pattern release from Butterick is here, Quarantine Life Update #2 and Other Sewing News. 5,265. This look also comes with a sash to cinch the waist. B6772 – More slits and ruffles.

Honestly, I think I’d rather just go for a normal skirt? I’m a 6’3″ Soft Dramatic, so patterns have to be adjusted anyway.

It was a style that I had sort of glossed over at first, but I find that it grows on me the more I look at it, despite the giant puff sleeves. B6765 – If I was only looking at the line drawings, I don’t think I would be that interested in this pattern, but I do think that the garment photos are kind of selling me on the looks.

To be honest, I didn’t see anything I liked in this release.

I can probably find something similar in a Burda magazine. I think if you want a maxi dress fast this could be a great pattern, but there just isn’t a whole lot that I find super exciting here. That’s such a cool idea!

I’m not above buying a pattern for one view, but the second option just makes me less interested than I think I would be if it were just the version on the left. ), Burda Patterns - Bridal / Evening / Formal, Burda Patterns - Crafts (Dolls, Toys, Home Décor, Pet Clothes etc.

$14.99. Crafting for Halloween - Fabrics, Patterns & More!

This caftan is perfect for summer or fall! Crafting for Christmas - Fabrics, Patterns & More! #sewingpattern #jacketpattern #sewing, Misses' tunic, B6769. butterick summer 2020 collection lookbook Transition into the new season with beautiful modern classics. I do like a couple patterns I might pick up, but I have so many similar patterns I should probably work on those. Or is this a total snoozefest that’s too full of peasant blouses, ruffles, and office wear that will be out of style by the time any of us need to set foot into an office again? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I like the shirt version of the Tilton pattern but that's probably because they have managed to put together 3 nice fabrics in the making of it.

), Kwik Sew Patterns - Sleepwear, Pyjamas, Gowns / Robes, Kwik Sew Patterns - Sports, Dance & Swimwear, Kwik Sew Patterns - Tops, Shirts & Blouses, Kwik Sew Patterns for Babies / Small Infants, Kwik Sew Patterns for Children, Teens & Toddlers, McCall's Patterns - Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Bags etc. Love Love the Katherine Tilton Shirt and shirtdress (6771). #sewingpattern #shirtpattern #sewing, This button-front top has an asymmetrical hemlines and a 3/4 sleeve. Founded in 1863 by Ebenezer Butterick who created the first-ever graded sewing pattern.

Quite surprised - a more grown-up selection than McCalls have been of late.

‘Nice’…not bad but mostly not very exciting.

Butterick Sewing Pattern 6724 Misses' Dresses. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The plaid doesn’t do this any favors at all. Overall I don’t think there is a lot of innovation going on in the Butterick line right now, but I do think they are offering the best selection of “everyday wearable” patterns from the Big 4. McCall's Fall 2020 Catalog.

It's not difficult to make your own version with different fabrics though - with a bit of care you can colour block or piece patterns quite successfully (as they did in the latest GBSB - oops hope thats not a spoiler! I did have to laugh when I opened this post because the first one you show, B6756, is so similar to B3786 ca. April and May (that I done this for) was interesting and I actually traced a few things. New dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and coordinates help a positive mood as you soak up the rays for sunny days ahead! Dress & top have shoulder straps.

#sewingpattern #sewing #tunicpattern, This misses' jacket, belt, dress, top & shorts, B6774, is a belted jacket with pockets & button front. Does anyone here make patterns? I’m in my mid 40’s and I prefer McCall’s, Simplicity and Vogue patterns anyway. The oldest pattern company in the world. B6760 – Lisette.


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One thing I’d love to see from Burda (just because I use them the most), would be creating mini-capsule sets. I thought Butterick was winning the Spring release game, at least among the Big 4/1, so I’m excited to see what we’ve got going on for summer. ), New Look Patterns - Bridal / Evening / Formal, New Look Patterns - Costumes / Fancy Dress, New Look Patterns - Sleepwear, Pyjamas, Gowns / Robes, New Look Patterns - Tops, Shirts & Blouses, New Look Patterns for Babies / Small Infants, New Look Patterns for Children, Teens & Toddlers, Prym - Dress Forms / Tailor's, Dressmaker's Dummies, Sewing Machine Feet & Accessories - Janome Cover Pro, Sewing Machine Feet - Janome 9mm stitch width models, Sewing Patterns - Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Bags etc. Free shipping & handling!

If I buy any, it might be 6770 for the gathered raglan sleeve, short sleeve version. Oscar Wilde. We send out a newsletter with information and great offers about every other month.

Started with two new habits during all of the free time that used to be social, one is sewing ten minutes a day (or trace or cut etc) and the other is to look at my burda magazines for the month when I get a new one! I do like the relaxed sleeves and the interesting shape of the neckline, but version with the ruffle makes the overall look feels sort of… meh? I don’t necessarily love the fabrics that were chosen for the cover image (the matching dress and jacket is a bit much), but I love the back detail, the waist detail, and the streamlined look of the jacket. #sewingpattern #jacketpattern #sewing, Misses' tunic, B6769. Likes Given: 1853.

Thanks for posting these!! McCall's. I wouldn't rush out to buy it unless it turned up in the UK in a half price sale. I think there’s plenty to like in this review, though perhaps not enough to actually purchase!

Anyway, I think there are a few patterns here that I’ll plan to pick up at some point, though the vast majority is probably going to be a skip for me. Shop Butterick Summer 2020 Catalog .

), McCall's Patterns - NEW - Spring Summer 2020, McCall's Patterns - Sleepwear, Pyjamas, Gowns / Robes, McCall's Patterns - Sports, Dance & Swimwear, McCall's Patterns - Tops, Shirts & Blouses, McCall's Patterns for Babies / Small Infants, McCall's Patterns for Children, Teens & Toddlers, New Look Patterns - Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Bags etc.

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