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Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. At the top of the table is OSF Super's Mix 70, a so-called ''industry fund'' set up especially for bank workers.

These management fees often exceed 2 per cent a year. But does being the biggest mean it's the best?

It's ideal for small or households of one or two people who don't use the internet an awful lot. If you are offered BT’s Unlimited ADSL broadband package, it will set you back £27/mth with an upfront cost of £30. This costs an extra £10 on top of your chosen plan.

Beyond this, BT offers a choice of two Ultrafast fibre packages, although only in areas that support OpenReach’s G.Fast technology. With standard BT Broadband you get a BT Home Hub 4. READ NEXT: The best broadband providers in the UK. You'll be sad if a week later new customers are walking away with a wallet full of cashback. A healthy 35% of users who responded to our survey said they were satisfied with BT here, with a further 18.5% describing themselves as very satisfied. Again, it’s hardly competitive. Your information is safe with us. Where available, BT Ultrafast will give you an upload speed of 10Mbps. It has seven aerials positioned so the Smart Hub can send wi-fi to more rooms in your house, with fewer gaps. Its SD Business superannuation fund has returned just 2.13 per cent a year over seven years. If you don't want to get stung, you'll need to renew for another 24 months or jump ship to a different provider. To find out more about what to expect, read our guide on broadband installation. If you can strike at the right time, during the right sale, BT can be a sensible, frugal choice for most households. BT Broadband review: BT Superfast Fibre BT now offers five fibre-optic packages, with slightly confusing names. | Monday, February 10th 2020. All rights reserved. BT is the parent company of Openreach, which maintains the UK's largest fibre-optic internet backbone. BT’s faster Ultrafast services also deliver on their claims, with averages of 145.5-148.1Mbits/sec and 300.5-304.1Mbits/sec. In confidential documents prepared by the industry analysts SuperRatings, and obtained by The Sun-Herald, the best and worst super funds are ranked, exposing those that have failed most spectacularly to preserve the spending power of their members' savings.

BT's broadband packages are now offered on lengthy 18-month contracts but, be warned: once that period finishes, the cost usually goes up. With a surge of baby boomers, the number of people hitting retirement age will rise by 33 per cent between now and 2014. The trouble is, its ultrafast broadband deals aren't widely available.

The BT Lifetime Super (Employer Plan) has made just 1.5 per cent a year - around half the annual rate of inflation of 2.93 per cent a year over the same period, and equates to compounded losses of 9.6 per cent after inflation is factored in. For BT that tends to be offering cashback or voucher equivalents. BT vs Sky vs Virgin vs Plusnet vs TalkTalk – who’s got the best broadband, phone and TV bundles in 2020? All rights reserved. At the time of writing, Plusnet’s equivalent package is just £23/mth. With BT Broadband you'll need to pay both a set-up fee and the delivery charge for your router. Next up, there's the Superfast Fibre package, which offers an average speed of 50Mbits/sec for £32/mth (rising to £40 after 18 months) plus a £10 setup fee. Over 16 million homes in the UK have access to the Openreach fibre network; if you're not in a connected area you can still use BT's ADSL services. ''It is effectively a bet that stock markets will return to their old levels in the next few years, yet there is nothing to suggest that will happen,'' he said. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. For most people, a fast fibre deal is more than quick enough. Ultrafast Fibre 100 gives you 145Mbits/sec average speeds for £39.99/mth, rising to £47.99/mth at the end of the 24 month contract. Funnily enough, BT and TalkTalk held the same position in Ofcom’s most recent customer satisfaction survey (released April 2019). BT Smart Hub review - a super-fast ISP router, Sky Broadband (2020) review: A decent ISP, but keep an eye on your bills. Frankly, that's expensive for what you get. For more information and help finding out what broadband speed you need, read our guide. Since 1992, he said, the median balanced fund had averaged returns of 6 per cent a year - matching their target of inflation plus 3 per cent. ''You can't take the past few years in isolation,'' Jeff Bresnahan of SuperRatings said. Upload speeds determine how long it takes to transfer content from your computer to the internet. Reliability isn’t too much of an issue. While you might expect BT to lead on performance, our Best Broadband Awards results paint a different picture. Standard BT Broadband has an upload speed up to 2Mbps. Many experts believed superannuation money should be steered away from ''too risky'' equities. At the same time, BT isn’t short of less happy punters.

This gives a known payout at a known date. '', ''What is the point of raising the super guarantee by 3 per cent and then losing 10 per cent of your investment every few years?'' Ultrafast Fibre 250 takes that further to 300Mbits/sec for £49.99/mth, rising to £52.99. The dreadful returns are in stark contrast to the figures at the top of the table, where the best funds have produced returns averaging 6 per cent a year over the past seven years, despite the global financial crisis and sharemarket turmoil of the past few years. This means multiple devices can connect to wi-fi at the same time and you'll still enjoy a fast connection. See our privacy policy. Beyond this, you can expect one of BT's Smart Hub routers, BT Virus Protect anti-virus protection for up to 15 devices, and the option of Complete Wi-Fi, where BT provides one or more Wi-Fi Disc mesh Wi-Fi units to guarantee speeds of 30Mbits/sec (or your guaranteed broadband speed, if lower) in every room of your house. In Ofcom's latest customer survey it scored below average for landline and broadband. All broadband providers have their own way of drawing in new customers. You might not need an engineer visit if there's already an active phone line and socket at your address. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience.

The Smart Hub includes the the latest wi-fi tech. This is in line with most other providers' top speed offering (except Virgin Media, which offers up to 350Mbps – five times as fast! Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark.

Cable is operated and owned by Existent Ltd © 2005-2020. Best mid-range phone: Don’t waste a fortune on a flagship, Find the best indoor Freeview aerial for a low price, Best Samsung phone 2020: Intergalactic warfare, Best mesh Wi-Fi router: Boost the range of your home Wi-Fi, The best budget smartphones money can buy, Samsung Galaxy A21s review: The ‘s’ stands for savings, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9: Another budget superstar, LG CX review: The best OLED TV is £500 off, Help us choose the broadband provider of the year, How to boost your Wi-Fi while working and isolating at home, Best Wi-Fi extender: Better coverage, faster downloads. ''Regardless of the overall return metrics, not-for-profit funds have consistently outperformed for-profit funds by around 2 percentage points a year,'' he told The Sun-Herald. Industry advocates said superannuation is a long-term investment and any period covering the global financial crisis is going to produce below par returns. It’s charging premium prices, but it’s not the premium choice. ''.

per month for 36Mbits/sec BT Superfast Fibre Essential, Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards survey, Plusnet’s equivalent package is just £23/mth, Sky is now offering a 59Mbits/sec package for £29/mth, BT’s Superfast Fibre 2 package goes up to 67Mbits/sec, which comes in at a whacking £39.99/mth, rising to £47.99 at the end of your contract – and with a £10 setup fee, BT Smart Hub review: A superfast ISP router.

The Ofcom figures show BT had the second-lowest customer satisfaction rating or all providers measured, with only TalkTalk coming in below BT. Another BT/Westpac fund, the BT Bus Super - described by the company as a ''deluxe fund'' for super savers - is 40th out of the 43 funds in the sector over seven years. Whether you're uploading a picture to Facebook, a video to YouTube or posting a tweet, speed will affect how long it will take. In many cases, the value of savings in super funds has failed to keep pace with inflation, effectively losing more than $100 billion in purchasing power over the past five years.

In this case, BT can usually switch the phone line without a visit. The worst performers are falling well short, despite charging some of the highest management fees in the industry for their expertise. These services are only available in a few specific areas right now, though, and the pricing may differ from area to area. Both also involve a £9.99 setup fee.

Move up to 67Mbits/sec services and BT pulls ahead of EE and Plusnet, with a 24hr average of 62.4-64.6Mbits/sec against 60-64.9Mbits/sec and 58-61.4Mbits/sec respectively. If BT has nothing on right now offer-wise, we recommend either waiting or having a look at all offers on right now from all providers. Australia's balanced superannuation funds have a performance target of inflation plus 3 per cent a year over the medium term. Also at the bottom of the rankings is AXA, one of Australia's largest insurance companies. But you'll need a BT line installed if you don't already have one, or if you're switching over from a cable service (Virgin Media). ''We need to ask ourselves: are super funds too risky for most ordinary people, and are we right to effectively force 12 per cent of people's money into the stock market?

To put that in perspective, Sky's equivalent service is just £20/mth. Current speeds are 145Mbits/sec for £34.99/mth or 300Mbits/sec for £44.99/mth, although they could theoretically reach up to 1Gbits/sec. Only TalkTalk, with a miserable 17.5% of its customers very dissatisfied, fared worse. Industry funds dominate the top of the performance table largely as they pay no commissions to financial planners, so their costs are lower.

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