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I’m so glad to hear her speaking her truth without hesitation and voicing her support for people who are minoritized in the heavy-lifting world of glass. However, even if she didn’t win the competition, she looks to have gained some new fans in the process. It looked to be her life views that Twitter users had an issue with. Well wishes to you both. Loved her art especially the potatoes and the toothpaste, just couldn’t stand all that crap that came with her! 43k Followers, 796 Following, 247 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Deborah Czeresko (@dczeey) 0 have signed. SUBSCRIBE AND READ THE NEW REALITY TITBIT MAGAZINE HERE. I would rather see the gender politics left outside the door of the hot box for next season. Art is expression and she simply took her life experiences and expressed them in her work in a way that resonated with her audience. She has been labelled a horrendous array of offensive swear words online, with some viewers incorrectly calling her transgender. I felt Deborah totally played up the feminism and her sexuality to get the PC vote. Men today so often find it feminizing to voice in whatever form outwardly love and compassion for anything living.

Sad, really she’s not into men but as an artist I’m the one BLOWN AWAY! And yes, I ‘m a female and a feminist, but I am about a level playing field, not skewing it the other way. No doubt in my mind, the best artist deservedly won. Then janaus (please excuse spelling), totally a thinker first then he allows an emotional aspect seep through. Debs is on Instagram as @dczeey. Netflix: Will there be a season 2 of Blown Away? Momo left the Netflix competition in episode 6 after the judges weren’t keen on her ‘razor’ artwork during the Pop Art Blowup challenge. And Janusz did none of that. The 57-year-old artist has been a visiting artist around the world since she started working as a glassblower in 1987. Her win was merely a bone thrown to the LGBTQ family. Kimberly Sustad Wiki Bio: Age, Birthday, Family, Maiden Name, Twins, Husband, Net Worth, Lil keyu Wiki Bio: Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, Real Name, Race, Boyfriend, Nationality, Sexuality. WATCH BLOWN AWAY SERIES 1 ON NETFLIX NOW. Have something to tell us about this article? She was drawn to glass by the precision of Venetian glassblowing, which she studied at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop under the tutelage of William Gudenrath, now resident advisor at the Corning Studio. When Blown Away first came to Netflix, no one could’ve ever predicted it could cause this much drama online and on social media.. After Deborah Czeresko took home the crown in the final episode – and the huge prize of $60,000 and an artist’s residency at the Corning Museum of Glass – fans of the show have taken to the internet in protest.

In 2019 it looks as though Momo has been trying her hand at some different styles of glasswork. But I am pleased to have some little hints at least. Repetitively saying that she is marginalized as a woman and a lesbian (never said the former but implied it) speaks it more into existence rather than trying to fix it. Many believed the judges were pandering to identity politics when they chose Deborah as the winner. Enjoyed both of their works, but would have to give Deborah the edge given her clear concepts and delivery. Deborah – whose full name is Deborah Czeresko – said in her Blown Away introduction that she sets her own standard and wants to be “a badass at all ages”. She’s currently in her second year as Artist-in-Residence at New Street Glass Studio in Worcester, Massachusettes.

An Instagram post she shared in July 2019 detailed how she was making miniature pieces out of borosilicate. Popular Tags: ITV,Channel 4,BBC,Love Island,Netflix. Janusz is a master glassblower, perhaps better technically, perhaps not. At the beginning didn’t like her that much because she has lots of balls. Locations, stations and more! Here’s everything you need to know…, Deborah Blown Away season 1 episode 1 – Netflix.

Blown Away is a brand new series to Netflix in 2019. My wife got it right I think when she described Janusz as an glass-blowing artist and Deborah as an artist who expresses art through glass-blowing. Clayton Badger started this petition to Marblemedia Blown Away TV show. New York-based artist Deborah Czeresko has a foot in two glass camps. I have a feeling Canadian men will have to fight for equal rights soon.

Excuse me, but not to be rude but you’re wrong. She was extremely rude to her helpers. Her whole being was created to be a hipster uptight women rule the world facade that sets women back.

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