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It might be surprising, then, that Dunedin and Wellington compete for the top spot in the biennial Quality of Life Survey. Greenland Faroe Islands Summertime brings the most stable weather of any of the seasons in New Zealand. Sarah hopes to inspire others to push their boundaries and make new discoveries through travel too. New Zealand in Summer - December to February. The longest school holidays in New Zealand, most schools break up mid-December and return late January or in the first week of February. Plan Your Dream Vacation to Aotearoa, What to Expect from the Weather in New Zealand, The Best Time to Visit New Zealand Depends on Your Itinerary and Expectations, Public Holidays and Hours of Operation: How Your Travel Plans Could be Impacted.

Two Wandering Soles are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3d3859b8ae7bbc6a946dc4f5118d595" );document.getElementById("i6f5e1645c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); My name is Jon, I like to travel and I have no imagination when it comes to naming websites. Unwelcome rain can ruin travel plans. It’s important to keep in mind that with such variations in terrain, comes differing temperatures and weather patterns. British Virgin Islands Indonesia In just one day, you can experience all 4 seasons, so come prepared! Different seasons offer different appeals and challenges but one thing remains the same – it’s a country that you just have to experience yourself! The largest break for students (which coincides with our peak travel season), falls from mid-December until the beginning of February. That means while we are shoveling snow and putting up our Christmas trees in the US, New Zealanders are basking in the long days of sunshine, during the warmest months of the year. The climate in New Zealand can be described as extremely variable and you can find pretty much everything from dry to subtropical, with the exception of true tropical climates. Though you’ll experience the odd day of rain, most days during this period will be sunny and warm. Taiwan We’ve done quite a lot of short trips around the South Island in winter and those freezing early mornings can be pretty miserable. Mauritius In terms of weather, summer is obviously the best time to visit New Zealand. French Polynesia Any destination In an ideal world, the school holidays are not the best time to visit New Zealand. Climate data for New Zealand has been gathered every day since January 2009. Italy New Zealand has 4 distinct seasons, each with their own unique draw to visiting during that time. 30 - 38°C, Sunshine hours Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Switzerland

Venezuela Bahrain Ruapehu and Taranaki are the main ski areas on the North Island, Wanaka, Otago and Canterbury are the main ski areas on the South Island, …you want to save money and travel during off-peak season, layers, including a versatile jacket, gloves and a hat, sunglasses (remember, the snow reflection can be harsh!). Newfoundland and Labrador The Best of the Bay of Islands – An Adventure Cruise You Can’t Miss! It can also rain a lot in summer, so you’re in no way guaranteed good weather.

The country of New Zealand is actually made up of an estimated 600 islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Comment below and let us know! Head down to the South Island first (hopefully there will still be some snow around) and then head north from there. Copyright © 2019. Gaza Strip

The further south you head, the colder New Zealand gets (as a general rule).

Or do you prefer to spend your outdoor time hiking, kayaking, or cycling? Everytime i read your NZ articles i want to visit more!

Though our seasons are fairly mild, with very few towns receiving snow down to sea-level, we do have definite seasons that you’ll want to take into account whilst planning your holiday down under. Subscribe for email updates and special offers, 5 New Zealand Travel Alternatives for Your Cancelled Overseas Trip, 19 of the Best Travel Movies (and a few I didn’t enjoy! ), 10 Fun Things to Do in Huskisson, Jervis Bay. Wellington is known as the country's windy city, and is among the windiest in the world. In short, you’ll have the best chance of comfortable weather and fewer crowds in early spring (September - October) and in autumn (March - May).

Our southern-most city, Dunedin doesn’t get as hot as our other cities but it also has very little in daily temperature variation – you know what you’ll get when you head south.

Christchurch has some stunning summer days but be prepared to get your woolies out mid-year. China Oklahoma The hottest months of the year in the northern hemisphere are the coldest in the south, and while we are raking leaves and preparing once again for winter, New Zealanders are celebrating spring in full bloom! Weather is seldom an issue when travelling over the summer period (with the odd cyclone that comes through around New Year’s), but you certainly will battle summer crowds. Italy Learn how your comment data is processed. Canada New Zealand has 4 distinct seasons, each with their own unique draw to visiting during that time. From the far north where they enjoy warm, subtropical weather during the summertime, to the mountainous inland parts of the deep south, where temperatures drop into negative numbers, though our climate is generally temperate, there are obvious differences in certain parts of the country. Find out more about our data sources . Bermuda : Recommended tours for 2021/2022, Priceline: Exclusive 7% off hotels worldwide, Saga Holidays: Top deals on European holidays in 2021, Where to go on holiday in November for the best weather, Quarantine-free holidays & Covid Cover with TUI, Low risk countries to go on holiday to this summer, Where to go on holiday in July for the best weather, Where to go on holiday in May for the best weather, 9 of the best travel magazines to get you through lockdown, coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for New Zealand, Priceline promo code: 7% off 3-5* hotels worldwide, Save EXTRA 10% on 3-5* hotels worldwide with Priceline, Discount available on Pay Now & Express Deal Hotels, Book hotels for 2 nights or more. Jamaica Autumn is the best time for hiking as the temperatures start to cool down just a bit, but the sun usually stays out for long crisp days. © 2020 Copyright Windy Weather World Inc. Egypt Argentina Macau There are a lot of jobs in the city. Tuscany Which is the Best Season to Visit New Zealand? Truthfully, as with all questions of this nature, there is no correct answer. Michigan Saskatchewan Warmest month(s) in New Zealand: January - February, Rainiest month(s) in New Zealand: July (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch); December (Queenstown); March (central Otago), Driest month(s) in New Zealand: February (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch); February & July (Queenstown), Most crowded month in New Zealand: January. For the most part, New Zealand has a mild climate that makes travelling at any time of year possible. Ontario Belgium Georgia Spring is just before high season in New Zealand which means the crowds won’t be too extreme (if they ever are outside of a few popular places). Portugal

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