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It allows you to manage content and customize the website. Emulate them, and your site can see success, too. We have been building a huge collection of website templates for every business and industry needs. You can add and remove the login page fields as per your website requirements. Our templates have a comprehensive user profile management which is quick to update and modify. Choose your HTML template, personalize it, pick a domain and get online today. In both the ends of the pagination, you will find the ‘previous post’ and ‘next post’. But there’s a caveat to that: It doesn’t hurt your scroll rates if you have a clear purpose for that space. And mom always told you not to judge a book by it’s cover. It can be your most recent article, an old fan favorite or one that drives opt-ins if you’re behind in monthly goals (NOTE: The 5th point on this list will show why this is preferred). Promotes Additional Scroll: Inherently, visitors know there isn’t just one article on a homepage. Disrupt that layout and you create a completely different viewing experience. It’s also a mix of other templates just not working well. This is The Rideshare Guy’s blog keeping visitors scrolling through the page. Above the fold, the more choices you gave the less likely a visitor would continue scrolling. Designing the right website by choosing the correct template is no more a tedious task. It’s compact and easy to reference as a whole. It has separate glyph icons which respectively represent the opening and closing of the accordion. Here’s the key to looking at Content Analytics on a blog layout. The eye doesn’t have to track anything unfamiliar, which makes it easy to scroll farther. So One Green Planet (and many other blogs) took a page from that playbook and designed their below the fold to match Pinterest. Here’s the deal. We help developers, designers and website owner's create stunning websites. Because of that frequency, most people are only looking for the newest articles -- aka the above the fold stuff. Use a fullscreen, slider carousel for your … September 23, 2020 September 23, 2020 Alexandra Murtaza. Both are important, which is why I give five tips for each of the two categories. As a professional blogger, you may be looking for ways to showcase your writing to the world. It wasn’t even if people would read my stuff (I had a whopping 87 Twitter followers and an email list of 7).

Here’s why it doesn’t hurt. They showcase the exact date and time of publishing. You can adjust its appearance on hover or click effect. It adds immense value to your personality. Google Ads optimized template allows displaying Google Adsense on your website. Out of the 3.7 million visits official website pulled in during a six-month period, only 1% of people clicked on ANY of their slider images. This blog website template is packed with awesome features such as contact form, address widget, copyright notice, and hamburger menu. W3layouts has a large collection of the simple blog website templates for free download which have all the above-mentioned features. We have a good selection of templates with such widgets. Logos: Ever seen this video? A Blogger template is a design in XML format composed of CSS, XML and Javascript code that can be used to create a blog, website or app using the platform. This template helps you to present a professional blog website in no time. They are the short descriptions telling about your post to the readers before they click it.

If you have a natural tendency towards writing and, , then you must consider blogging as a career option. The feature can be seen in the mobile view and ensures user engagement on the website. They appear on Google search engines and are important to get more clicks. Now the inevitable good news: I found 10 elements that keep people scrolling down a blog homepage. This widget can be placed below the post or right side of the template. Yet no one shows you that stat. It essentially means those other articles don’t exist. And if you have a decent amount of content, jump on this hot design trend: Here’s One Green Planet using the Pinterest-style below the fold to strike a balance between getting clicks and keeping readers scrolling. Almost every blog you can buy abides by one of these three layouts.

The best-case scenario is 100% of visitors get to the bottom of your page. It has a separate layout with date, name of the author, and CTA button. Getting comments and likes from reliable users builds trust among the users. We have placed the temporary thumbnails which are replaceable. The thing that stands out with her layout is you see the first blog post stick up above the fold. Check out this example from A Sweet Pea Chef: 94% of readers get to the bottom of the fold (read: screen).

Five-star ratings ensure your content quality is good and the website has stunning features and widgets. Thousands of blogs use Content Analytics to see how far down the page their readers get.

It’s the storefront for your ideas.

The widget has the date of publication, quotation written in italics along with the number of comments. If a bad headline and image take up the entire screen, people won’t want to keep scrolling. HOWEVER, you are most likely not this blog. The very best, most effective blogs give people a reason to scroll or act.

Other features of this theme include tabbed menu, news ticker, recent posts, automatic blog post summary, compatible with major browsers, SEO optimized, two responsive flex slider, load more post and much more. Every one of those users is used to scrolling endlessly for that perfect thing to put on a wall. Within a blog, there are four types of descriptions. Now, you most likely don’t have enough content for infinite scrolling. That means visitors are leaving your page with more urgency than people abandoning the Titanic (too soon?). Users are free to place this widget in the header, footer, or right side of the website. Admittedly, this is the more polarizing topic of this guide. You can divide the content into the monthly, weekly, or daily sections. You can place them after the blog post, or right side of the page. Takeaway: Use descriptions, but keep them short. So, why not give it a try. There are so many new templates flooding the marketplace with crazy designs and funky layouts (I know, I sound like an old man). First is the big headline, big image and big description variety: Normally, the headline and image take up the entire fold. They are the right tools for better blog performance and get organic traffic. THAT is a hilarious pipe dream. The templates are designed with latest web elements and can incorporate with any blog website. Article descriptions might be the most overlooked part of a blog layout.

It has a carousel for images, typo shortcodes, and clickable images in the gallery. More can (and most times does) mean too much -- making people bounce faster than a Super Ball shot out of a cannon. I created a spreadsheet of 10 blog templates I can recommend right now that you can buy, install and run with confidence. You Have More Control: When you use long descriptions, you’re essentially copy/pasting your article. The content is great (I can thank them for many a meal in my freezer).

These menus are visually appealing and systematically organized. There’s a category menu, their first image/article and a spot to opt-into the blog. Blogging allows sharing ideas, knowledge and endorsing your products. Our designer team is available for 24*7 to support our customers for any query related to website designing. But here’s why it works: There are over 100 million active users on Pinterest. You’d think putting anything except blog content above the fold would kill your scroll rate, right? *. The sign-in form is the first step for users to prove their genuineness. There is a different widget for all these categories. The Weblog website template has a pro-footer with clickable thumbnails, registration form, drop-down menus, and social media sharing buttons.

Look what happens when a blog changes up their layout below the fold: The color change is abrupt (orange to green), which is essentially a 30%+ loss in visitors. Some blogs I reviewed had drop-off rates of up to 56% in a single fold. Sort by newest so you get a blog unlike any other? Just ask my scale after I break down on a weekend taco binge. The menus in the header create an impactful first impression and reveal about your services to offer the clients. This HTML website template is a multi-niche blog category sharing templates such as travel blogs, fashion blogs, and music blogs. Takeaway: Pinterest-style layouts below the fold let you show more articles without people dropping off. The footer has a dark theme which contains email subscription, showing latest tweets, Flickr images, and copyright notice. Hold on. This feature enables clicks which results in earnings and generating ROI. There is no point in keeping them to yourselves. A unique excerpt improves your online presence in the search engine results page and helps in SEO optimization. Some have a passion to write and some are writers by profession. It is a single category blog website template with flexible widgets and powerful attributes. Right now, half their readers drop off above the fold. You probably won’t even have five. Easily accessible, looking fresh, the whole shebang. The navigation bar opens with the animated effect and leaves the complete header bar non-clickable. W3layouts templates have unlimited designs for this widget based on animation, classic, change in font and color on click or hover, shadow effect, border, and background change effects. Designers place a lot of emphasis on the above the fold section -- it’s the first impression of your site, and it usually collects purchases and keeps people moving. Like the life of a blogger is full of adventures, the template interface is filled with grids. You know a rhetorical question when you see one. If you’re that last person, then check this out. But look what happens when you keep your layout consistent: Look at how little drop-off there is (less than 15%). Takeaway: For a higher scroll chance, use the menu/hero style above the fold. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms of Service. Excerpts decrease the bounce rate and increase traffic. The free blog website templates of W3layouts provide you with the perfect layouts which are professional yet classy. And here’s Awful Announcing keeping people on the page, too. The majority of successful blogs -- layouts that keep people scrolling -- use these small to medium descriptions to walk the line between scrolling and clicking. It is an extremely important part of a news blog website template, as the user wants to read the little description before knowing the complete news in detail. The logo makes you stand out and gives your business a separate brand identity. Let us check the best collection of best HTML website templates that provide enough opportunities to design blog websites.

Having excerpts on your site will allow it to load faster as it must load only a small part of each blog. Without pagination, the website will display any number of posts which is confusing for admin as well as the users. It is effective for large content or single-page blog website templates. But when we’re talking about scrolling, Pinterest is up there with Twitter and Facebook because of infinite scrolling. The widgets and features which are often ignored during website development are proven to be important elements of the blog website. The videos are static, you are free to customize them according to your requirements. Look at all these below the fold layouts that use the row style: Here’s the Science of People again keeping visitors on the page, scrolling down to the next fold. These widgets allow segregating the post for your readers depending on their choice. They work as valuable tools to build your network.

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