australian drag racing classes

Here it is in a nutshell, All the rules and regulations that govern Street Machine Drag Challenge, Barra-powered VF Valiant Regal at Drag Challenge 2019, Warick Meldrum continues to stir the pot, this time with a Barra-swapped Valiant. We provide extensive coverage of major race carnivals, featuring the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

There are many classes in drag racing and each class has its own restrictions and its requirements. Like circuit hydros these also ride on 3 points, the tip of each sponson and the propellor, Thank you to the photographers whose images appear below, John Bosher, Brian Armstrong, Ranga Snaps & All the Torque Photography. A high majority of two and three year old races are run under Set Weights and Penalties (SW+P) conditions where weights are known upon entry into the race. In order to create competitive, exciting races, a method is required to rate individual horses. Much like the flat they offer the chance to see the very best runners competing against one another.

Displacement Boats This term is a remembrance of boats of old, when they actually pushed their way through the water "displacing" is as they went, this is what causes the wash or wake behind a boat, as the water rushes in behind from where the boat has pushed it out of the way. Heads Up - Pro Tree 1/8th Mile Radial Racing

Now days there are specialist V Bottom hulls built just for racing and fast skiing. A race of higher quality that attracts better horses and offers much more prize money than a normal race and is generally a black type race such as a Listed or Group race. In practice most non mono outboards are tunnel boats, which unlike inboard hydroplanes have full length sponsons. Ratings figures courtesy of Racing Victoria website. Weight allowances for age apply in some races and mares receive an allowance in even the top events.

A race event for invited horses only.

The basics of the plan are in effect in every Australian state. It's open to any six-cylinder car running a 275 or smaller radial tyre. Looking for racing terminology, lingo or slang? Kenda Tires 660 Drag Radial Series, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

They are published in the schedule of races described as “Group and Listed Races” by the Australian Racing Board. Hydrofoils These are boats that ride on foils that stick down below the boat, and ride on those foils. In 2019 we're introducing a couple of new 235 radial tyre classes for those guys keen to run on a small tyre! The pulleys can be changed to drive the supercharger faster than the engine.

Jumps season in Australia generally runs from March to August and predominantly in Victoria and South Australia. Mares Open Handicap The National Hot Road Association (NHRA) proudly admits that it has over 200 classes in comparison to the IHRA. In Australia, horses are handicapped slightly differently from state to state. For those runners who don’t manage to win, three maiden runs are required before a rating is assigned. 0-82 (Mares Class 6), Open Handicap A blue ribbon classic stakes race for three year old fillies and normally run over a distance of 2400m. Pro Radials or any other ‘street/strip’ tyres with Imperial measurements (IE: 28x9) will be put into the Outlaw Class.

These further have several engine size classes. Promotional T&Cs apply - Click here to view - also available on website. Classified Stakes: For horses who have run at least three times or run twice with at least one win. The lower the claiming price the lower the weight carried.

Please gamble responsibly. Under APBA rules a hydroplane is any boat with 2 or more distinct planing areas with a step of more than 35mm. Gamble Responsibly.

These come in 2, 3, 4 or more blades, different shaped blades, more or less pitch (twist) on the blades. Note: Radial tyres, for those classes that require them, will need a manufacturer’s metric size on the tyre. Sign-up here for your free weekly report on the world of Street Machine.

This benchmark handicap is then adjusted according to an extensive list of factors, including but not limited to, review of race film, event quality and strength of field, recent race times, track condition and weights carried. So, if connections of another horse in the race opted to reduce the weight carried by their runner by seven pounds, then it could be claimed (bought) after the race for £7,000. The Pro Stockers have the ability tore cord quarter-mile times in 6.4 second range having a speed over 210 mph. A race event for female horses only who are 4 years old and upwards. FLYING From September 2010 all Unlimited Displacement boats must be fitted with a safety cell.

Switching now to Ratings Based Events, this system is in many ways similar to Benchmark Events, but not exactly so. Under APBA rules they are still classed as hydroplanes. Methanol with 90% nitromethane is used as fuel.

They are called mono meaning one hull, Hydroplane Boats (Tunnels)  I can only recall seeing a few actual hydroplane hulls in my time in the sport. Hydrofoils These are boats that ride on foils that stick down below the boat, and ride on those foils. What are the different types of racing bets?

If a horse has won 5 races then it is only eligible for for a Class 5 or Class 6, and if a horse has won 3 races then it can only race in a Class 3 or higher.

The mono hull and the hydroplane. Drag boats have similar classes to circuit racing with many circuit displacement boats also competing in drag events. 0–95 (1MW – LY - Strong Midweek restricted race) DYO entrants must have run quicker than 11.99, though we reserve the right to make exceptions at our discretion. A mare with a rating of 76 would be able to enter a 0-82 handicap event. Like 235 Blown, it's for all cars running a smaller 235-size radial tyre.

Restricted to horses between the ages of four and six who have either not previously run at all, or have only ever run in bumpers.

WE have deliberately kept the class structure at.

Find out how bookmaker percentages allow bookies to frame a betting market to gain an edge over punters.

Horses above the specified rating are permitted to enter, but the excess of their rating must be carried as additional weight. Again Class One is for the highest standard of runners with Class Six being for the lowest. However out of the water they had several steps down the hull, much like the teeth of a saw blade. 3yo 0–72 (3yo Class 1), OPEN

A hurdle race is an event where horses are required to jump over a series of hurdles which are maximum 1 metre high and no more than 150 metres from the starting line. A blue ribbon classic stakes race for three year old colts & geldings and fillies and normally run over a distance of 2400m. Graduates depart with their self-esteem at an all-time high. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. The BHA aims to provide the opportunity for all horses to run at the racetrack.

Selling Hurdle/Chase: Low class races where the winner is offered for public auction after the race. These cars can pick up the speed of 280 mph in 5.1s. Like their inboard counterparts, they are very fast, but lack cornering abilities. In between there are various race classes for horses to go through their grades and reach their highest potential. In the past we've had heaps of guys like Nathan Ghosn in his crazy little Capri running quick times on 235-tyres so this opens up a whole new ball-game for them. There are approximately 15,000 horses currently in training in the UK. Find out how to read and understand a horse racing form guide.

The restrictions include weight, size, modification, body style and many others.

A combination of an injected nitro methane can also be used as a fuel. These slim units take a lot less power to push through the water, allowing more to be used to push the boat.

For any turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous-assisted cars running a 275 radial or narrower.

The races for the premier class category runs for 4.8 meter or 120 feet. At racing speeds modern displacement boats do not actually displace much water at all and become planing hulls, at very high speeds leaving a wake only a few centimetres high. As far as how the different states differ with regard to handicapping, it should be noted that things are done fairly similarly everywhere. ANDRA membership is a great way to become more involved with the sport of drag racing. Street Machine Drag Challenge: How it works, Street Machine Drag Challenge is a pretty simple concept! It serves to allow trainers to prepare their horses for campaigns and to construct strategies that give their horses the best possible chance at doing well. We have donated 10% of our profits to charity every year since 2010 and will continue to do so. A race event open to all horses with a minimum weight assigned.

Outboards also compete, to our knowledge there are no dedicated drag outboards in Australia, and these are circuit boats having a go.

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