aquarium fish types

Mostly silver, but with a large patch of yellow around the caudal fin and a distinct black line on the operculum. Tiger Barb Image:

It’s not as difficult to breed in captivity as some other types of barb fish in this list, but they do require special conditions to induce spawning. Many aquarists love tetras for their peaceful nature, and how easily they can adjust to different kinds of setups. When puffed up, the spikes stand up and make the fish completely inedible. The family includes various species such as the Mosaic Gourami, Lace Gourami, Diamond Gourami, and the Leeri Gourami. I really enjoy the aquarium hobby and love sharing my experience with others. Another red line stretches from the center of their body to the caudal fin. [133][134], It takes a special aquarist to maintain these delicate beauties. It Can't be Possible!… The Genus Chromis", "The Damsel and Anemonefishes, Family Pomacentridae", "Time to Quit Clownin' Around: The Subfamily Amphiprioninae", "Tiny (and one not so tiny) Terrors of the Sea: Damsels of the Genus Dascyllus", "Small-Man's Complex: The Genus Stegastes", "Firefishes, Dartfishes, Wormfishes, Family Microdesmidae, Subfamily Ptereleotrinae", "Worms Not Found in the Sandbed: The Genus Ptereleotris", "Mandarins, Psychedelic "Gobies", Dragonets, Scooter Blennies....YAH! Males are fuchsia with red markings on fins. In tanks where water is clean and well maintained, the Arulius barb develops more beautiful colors. In the wild, Anemonefish are always found with a host, leading many potential keepers to believe that an anemone is necessary to keep them. It has two until three inches for length. Requires a large system in which to live in although it does not need to be deep. Very prone to, Less aggressive than Achilles or Powder Blue. Pearl Gourami is a type of fish that belongs to the Anabantoidei or the Gourami family. It has become a common practice to sell bettas in small ‘betta bowls’ often in the form of a planter or a centerpiece for tables. How Does Pet Insurance Work and is it Worth It? Growing up to a length of 3 cm (approx 1.5 inches) in total, Neon Tetra is a small but truly attractive fish. It is durable but it may have trouble feeding with more agile bony fish tankmates. And in case you run out of fish food on any day, you can easily offer them lettuce, cucumbers, green beans or even cooked peas and boiled spinach and they will be more than thankful.

Also called millionfish or rainbow fish, the guppy is perhaps the most well known freshwater fish for aquariums. White with fuzzy black stripes and a yellow posterior. The best way to ensure the health and longevity of an Anthias is to attach a refugium where copepods can be grown to "drip" into the display tank. It is sourced from the Amazon River Basin, as well as other river basins in South America. Yellow body with three or occasionally four black dots on dorsal fins. Also like most butterfly rays, it is an active ray that requires much swimming space like some active sharks. All fins are white. Red back and pink underside with distinctive blue square shaped marking and blue fins. Its body is characterized by silver-gray scales with orange, gold, and green hues. Tan with giraffe-like spots and dark brown markings that resemble saddles over the back. This damsel is also less aggressive than some other damsel species. Under such conditions, it is somewhat hardy. It will be easy to care for, but it has been known to nip the fins of other fish or crop tank plants. Eats only. Dark navy blue with bright yellow spot that covers the dorsal fin and much of the posterior. Can live without aeration. Therfore you need to make sure there is sufficient vegetation in the tank where the babies can hide. Platies are not very demanding when it comes to feeding and will eat most of the different types of flakes or even frozen live foods that can be given every now and then. Similarly shaped and coloured to Bartlett's Anthias, but with a slightly more rounded back. Tetra species inhabit a range of habitats, from South America to East Africa, where they are sourced from wetlands, lakes, ponds, and rivers. The Diamond Tetra is famed for its striking appearance.

This variation is attributed to the environment they inhabit. This variety of freshwater fish can reach a size of 6 inches when mature and live up to 6 years on average. There is a rich variety of aquarium species available, and it can be tasking to narrow down the right ones for you. In the event of a hunger strike, they will almost always take adult brine shrimp. The fish vary from the nature of the food they eat and the size when they grow. The aquarium is ordinary in orange color with a distinctive black triangular shape.

You can keep one or more tropical fish on your tank. Home Decor and Design Considerations if You Have an Exotic Pet. Tank should remain tightly lidded. Named “beardless” because of its lack of barbels, the Beardless barbs is a peaceful fish that suitable to be kept in larger aquaria. They are small fish that dwell at the bottom of the aquarium. The first stripe is situated halfway between the head and first fin. They enjoy both meaty food and vegetable matter, and they’re ferocious eaters, so careful not to overfeed them. Tan with a brown mask over eyes and other over mouth. Originating from the east coast of Central America and Southern Mexico, platy is a freshwater fish that is a good choice for keeping in an aquarium. Pregnant Neon Tetra – Is Your Fish Going to Lay Eggs? There are saltwater and freshwater fishes.

They can nip on the fins of smaller fish or even species of similar size. The fish is black except for three distinct white spots that fade as the fish ages. It is the common fish that is suitable for beginners. Of all the different barb fish types, I think the Sawbwa barb is the most beautiful. Choosing the beautiful fishes is not the end. Angelfish can grow to 6 inches long and require spacious tanks to stay happy. They are mainly fed on algae and vegetables; they love carbohydrates. They use little water of about five gallons and feeds on the meats; thus, the most preferred type of food is frozen bloodworms. Keep with fish large enough not to be eaten. The aquarium size is between 20 to 30 gallons, and you can keep about five of them. It’s not a particularly demanding fish and does well in a community tank. With the exception of Fang Blennies, Blennies are totally reef safe- in fact a reef environment is really best for them because they can be shy and the intricate rockwork of a reef provides ample hiding spaces. 01. The rest of the body is transparent, and they can even hide the blue/red sheen to stay safe if they feel threatened. Many fish—especially popular varieties for aquariums—also have any number of nicknames.For example, the Corydorus matae, or Bandit Cory, is also known as a Bandit Catfish, Masked Cory, Meta River Catfish, and Rio Meta Cory. Fairly peaceful. All will require large tanks, with good filtration. If you have adopted the type of tropical fish for your tank, you have to maintenance your tank regularly. There is a variant with a uniformly pale body except for the frontal part.

Contrary to popular belief they will tolerate smaller (4' to 5') tanks just fine but tend to live better in larger tanks, over 5'.

Required fields are marked *. First, you have to cycle the fresh water on your tank about 50% to 70% of the water every six to eight weeks.

Like anthias, they will school, but in many cases this tendency disappears as they age.

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