marshall dsl20h vs origin 20h

Before the release of the Marshall Origin range of amplifiers, the internet hype bandwagon was rolling down the street. Having the opportunity to directly compare them a number of times and I believe I can help guide on which one to get if you are undecided. The 50 watt Marshall origin combo is 10 watts more powerful than the Marshall DSL40CR. This will not appeal to everyone, including me which was the main reason I purchased the DSL40CR.

Its a Marshall 20W Head Shootout...Origin 20 VS Studio Classic JCM 800...which one is for you?? If you’re a home player make the decision based on: In terms of build quality, I am going to give the win to the DSL range of amplifiers.

To give you some context on this article I will be referring to the 2018 Marshall DSL amplifier lineup only.

The DSL amplifiers have at minimum 2 channels and at maximum 4 channels while the origin amplifiers are basically one channel amplifiers. If you don’t have the luxury of being able to go to a shop and test them both then listen to as many YouTube videos as possible and pick the one that is right for you. In this case, the Origin series fall pretty short and I will explain why.

You get more channels and more RMS power than the Origin but again, it comes down to what you actually need.

If you don’t own any pedals then get the DSL. What does this translate to in reality? If you’re a live player, then go for the DSL.

Before the release of the Marshall Origin range of amplifiers, the internet hype bandwagon was rolling down the street.

Did I buy the wrong one?

The DSL20’s main problem is they didn’t include a crunch channel at all. The Origin 50 was by far the best of the combo amplifiers in the range being also able to cut down the overall output volume by 50% for less loud situations.

The 2018 Marshall DSL range of amplifiers hit it out of the park in terms of versatility, tone, and reliability. It is the Origin 5 amplifier. If you play at home go for either one. I am mostly in favor of “simple is better”.

← The Kemper Profiling Amp vs Two-Notes Torpedo Live, Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb | A Pros & Cons Review, How many channels you need on an amplifier, If you will or won’t be using it with pedals. It clips in a much smoother way than the DSL20 but it doesn’t have the higher gain drive channel that the DSL has. The main reason is they feel a lot more substantial and they seem to struggle less when cranked loud. It’s a no brainer. I would take either the DSL5 or the DSL1 over a Marshall Origin 5. I love the fact that Marshall has included this feature. I could just hear the cabinet rattle more when the amp was cranked loud. This entire article is my own experience with all of the amps in the DSL and Origin range. Check out the Marshall DSL Amplifiers on Sweetwater. Absolutely not! The Origin 5 takes the award for the worst 5-watt amp in recent history. I have never seen as much hype behind a product before anyone had actually heard them.About 3 months before the Origin amplifiers were released I purchased the DSL40CR amplifier combo. I was able to dial in just as loud clean sound from the DSL40CR. Go for the one you think you’ll enjoy more. The main differences between both lines of amplifiers are that the Origin amps are more like a “vintage” amplifier while the DSL covers a lot more tonal-ground. I have never seen as much hype behind a product before anyone had actually heard them. The reason for this is you can pair it with a much better speaker box than what would be only available in the combo amplifiers. The DSL amplifiers still have more options in terms of the larger range of amp heads.

Over the last 12 months, I have had an opportunity to test the entire range of both the Origin and Marshall DSL amplifiers. The Origin 50 head is by far the best version of that series of amplifiers because you can match it with better speakers, or more speakers. I was looking for a pedal-free amplifier that ticked all the boxes tone-wise and volume-wise and for me, it was great!

In terms of the clean tone cranked, the Origin has more of a Fender-style sound, but the DSL40 has more of that thicker clean tone you hear on albums. Having mostly 12″ speakers in the DSL range means they can handle the loud volume a lot better than the Origin’s 10″ speaker found in their 20-watt amplifier.

I was looking for a pedal-free amplifier that ticked all the boxes tone wise and volume wise and for me, it was great!

The difference is astoundingly obvious. There’s nothing “wrong” with the Origin amps build quality.

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