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When you write a post, there is a difference between how you want the search engine to see your post and how you want your readers to see the post title.

It’s quite simple, you fill out both the fields ‘Home Title’ and ‘Home Description’, keeping the character count below the suggest number below the field.   Follow me on Twitter. Once your tracking info page opens up, you can copy your Tracking ID and paste it back into the ‘Google Analytics ID’ in your All In One SEO Pack Settings Page.   Follow me on Instagram By continuing to use this website you hereby consent to the use of all affiliate links and cookies. For a Related Post you can also increase your Google Reviews by using this trick. What you want to do is limit the amount of links that are applied to one page or post. We also promote many products using affiliate links (in which we receive a commission upon purchase).

This time it will be called ‘Alternative Text’ and ‘Image Title Attribute’ (see below), fill these out if you editing an existing image instead of adding a new one. If you remember the Home Page option we discussed earlier, you want to fill out each page and post’s title and description option that this plugin adds just below your editor. Since I want to increase the Authority of my pages I want to insert links from posts and pages to just pages. Post Title – %%title%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%. I am going to show how to add the Bing Verification. The tool check will look at all of the SEO issues on your site and give you some good guidelines of issues that need to be fix… More on that later. You still need to create epic and useful content that people will respond to, so these don’t promise you’ll hit page 1 – but they will help! I think I have a newer version but it still worked great! Do you recommend using the free versions both All In One & Yoast SEO For WordPress at the sametime ? This means that if you don’t fill out a description for your page and post (you should, so don’t be lazy now) then All in One SEO will automatically take the beginning of your content and use it for the description.

How to know when your Social Media Audience is online! ‘Advanced’ Settings sounds pretty bloody fancy but they’re nothing special I only focus on one thing – Auto-generating descriptions.

I would consider using the following, so click ‘Activate’ on these: You can also export/import settings using the Importer & Exporter. I then copy what is above to the OpenGraph and Twitter Cards settings as you scroll down you will see all of your posts types: For pages, the setting is the same as posts (REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A JUST INCASE SETTING. You’ll see it there, simply click ‘Install’ and the ‘Activate’ once installed. Once you’ve got everything to the level you may find you get a bump in traffic if you’re not up against anything that’s too competitive. I am so appreciative. So the first thing you should do is click on the Activate button.

So to apply and save your settings simply click ‘Update Options’ and move on to the next step. Custom Post Type Settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Fix for users running old versions of PHP (< 5.5) 3.2 – Released on August 1, 2019. here (, The Ultimate List of Traffic & Content Promotion Tips from the Experts, 50+ Places to Promote Your Latest Blog Post, How I created an ‘Outreach Post’ and got 2,615 visits to one Blog Post, A Quick Lesson on Success, Marketing and Fear, 60 Social Media Post Ideas to go Viral with, How to Multiply Your Blog Traffic with ‘Top List’ Posts, How to Analyze Website Traffic with Google Analytics. Use All in One SEO Pack to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. Once logged in enter your URL and Link to your site map, Your sitemap link is – http://yourdomain/sitemap.xml, Copy and paste this code into SmartCrawl then click on the Save button on that window and then the verify button on this page. It was very easy to set up only with your help. Each Page or Post needs to be focused on the keywords it’s targeting, so keep it focused on the title and the description should always be on its own for the same reason. Depending on what plugins you have installed, you might have other “Post Types” aand depending on how those plugins work you may want to set some of them to no-index. Social Meta Settings in All in One SEO Rewriting the title is also handy as some themes or software may put their own SEO tags in, All in One SEO needs to know it’s in charge, so ticking this will make sure you aren’t doing this all for nothing. NEW: Control your link title attribute, nofollow attribute and sponsored attribute, Social Meta: Default Open Graph image now uses site logo, XML Sitemap: Taxonomies and terms set to noindex are excluded from sitemap, XML Sitemap: Images in NextGen galleries are included in the image sitemap, XML Sitemap: Images in Jetpack galleries are included in the image sitemap, Video Sitemap: Improvements to scanning of videos, Improvements to notices throughout the plugin, Improvements to inline help and documentation, Improvements to how external scripts are handled, Various code refactoring and improvements, Fix for XML Sitemap on WordPress multisite installs, Fix for character counter on category / tag screens, Fix for conflict with Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin, Fix for HTML output in Gutenberg Screen Options, Fix for notice output incorrectly on XML Sitemap, Fix for priority and frequency override in XML Sitemap, Fix for incorrect date for taxonomies in XML Sitemap, Fix for character encoding in Schema markup, Fix for incorrect Schema markup on WooCommerce shop page. Again, if you have set some items to NOindex you need to also remove them out of your sitemap as well. Also, keep ‘Use Static Front Page Instead’ Disabled. Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page/Archives: Home Image simply upload an image you’d like to use, ..upload an image to be used as a default image under.

This will go through your site and find all of the issues.

The next step is related to the plugin though…. They’re pretty straightforward, here’s what I use: You probably don’t need to worry too much about these settings. Thanks for reading, talk to you next time! Note: I only recommend you do this with relatively new posts as changing this address will affect the SEO of older posts negatively. in your WordPress left dashboard menu.

by temineth | Feb 7, 2019 | SEO Coaching | 6 comments. Creating a website or blog in WordPress is only one slice of the Traffic Pie. Don’t choosse the hours from 12am to 2 am as this is when most servers will go through maintenance and you don’t want to pick a time when you receive the most traffic either): Here you’ll want to enable the Auto-Notify Search Engines of updates to your sitemap. (blue button top right). Learn how to start a website, grow on social media and reach more people online! This is where you’ll set up your Title and Description tags for your Homepage within the All in One SEO Pack. You can also add these to existing images, just click on the image in your editor and click the pencil icon. It’s easy. To change this, just head to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Permalinks’. Thank you! In talking with a lot of other SEO Providers, bloggers and site owners I found that most of us do the same thing.

NEW structural data. I use the %%title%% for the description because it will just be the name of the file. Local SEO – How to rank using business citations, How to Setup or Re-Setup Google Analytics, How to Use the SEM Rush Audit Tool with IDX Websites, Your Google Business Page Could Be the Key to New Leads, Login to pintrest or create and account by going to, Click on the three … in the top right corner (next to the bell).

I am going to save you the scrolling down by not giving you instructions on how to install a plugin, only enough to say download the plugin from the website then upload the plugin via the plugins page. Generally speaking, they need some optimizing for search engines also.

My understanding is that it shouldn’t affect the description but only the title. I swear by it and you can sign up for it here. Rewriting the title is also handy as some themes or software may put their own SEO tags in, All in One SEO needs to know it’s in charge, so ticking this will make sure you aren’t doing this all for nothing. I do not advise using Macros for pages. SmartCrawl Pro is a Premium plugin from wpmudev so you will need a subscription to download and install the plugin. This prevents WordPress from creating a page for each of your images. Turn ON Advanced Tools (just like you do in the Yoast plugin)  Leave the rest of the settings. Next under Settings, we need to adjust how many links are added to your posts and pages (if you do not do this then it will add tons of links.).

Your Analytics account will now receive your traffic information thanks to the All in One SEO Pack ‘Google Analytics ID’ setting. This is where we can setup some really cool auto-internal linking which can increase your domain authority if done correctly.

On what dashboard pages do you want All In One SEO to insert the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ columns in to? Again, this is up to you and can be ignored at this stage! Rarely do I just link all of my keyphrases on one page so this isn’t an issue. We’re done with this page and onto the next! Your email address will not be published. I also make sure that I upload the Company logo for Branding. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. But when you insert an image into your post, I highly recommend you fill out the ‘Title’ and ‘Alt Tag’. Leave rest of the settings as they are and click on the update options button. If you use the WPMUDEV dashboard then just install if from there.

Redirects are simple; if you change a URL or slug then make sure that you create a redirection for it. I am newbi and most of it I don’t understand. Click here for more information.

Otherwise, I just leave everything else unticked. Turn off Author Archive and Date Archive: Leave the search page the way that it is: (here I just copied the Default Search page title to the description to have something there, I then copied that throughout opengraph and twitter card:), 404 page title and description – Page not found %%searchphrase%% %%title%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%. My button is red, yours may be blue or another color. Read our release post for All in One SEO Pack 3.2. Premium Support. I like the readability options in Yoast which helped a whole lot in optomizing my page keyword focus titles, meta-description. This is the first tab you see when you bring up the plugin options. We now only load it for users that are logged in. Notice I have the Keywords ‘Facebook Page’ once in the title and twice in the description, leaving the 4 boxes below unticked. You can change the Tags title to what we have before, Title – %%term_title%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%. height, Fix for missing closing bracket in CSS file, Fix for mistranslated string in Turkish translation, Improvement to toolbar menu stylesheet.

FOR BEST SEO PRACTICE DO SOME KEYWORD RESEARCH FIRST. Luckily there’s a plugin called ‘All in One SEO Pack’ which you can install into your WordPress site take advantage of good on-site SEO and get you ranking higher. These settings will help get improve your on-site SEO but it’s not magic.

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