301 redirect wordpress without plugin

I dont remember how many times I back to visit this article. The code would not work.

Required fields are marked *. In regards to adding conditional statements to redirect certain post, you are entirely correct. , We recommend Redirection WP plugin, a few clicks and it’s all redirected nicely, Your email address will not be published. You can now also export your 301 redirects to CSV and check each redirect by clicking on the link button near each redirect. The plugin also tells you when you’re about to create a redirect that will result in a redirect loop. You can use Quick 301 Redirects for small website with just a few pages and also for sites with thousands of pages. Email me when someone replies to my comment.

But really, you should be fine with method 1. Thank you for your response and for pointing out the flaw in my code example!

Redirect plugin creates a new table in the WP database called ‘ts_redirects’ that stores all of your redirect … One of the most basic methods of adding a 301 redirect, is by editing your .htaccess file on the server.

New! PHP would read the part following the double slash (//…) as a comment. The only subtle (yet very important) difference is that a 301 will permanently send visitors and search engines to the new destination. How to properly delete pages from your site », Get weekly tips on how to optimize your website's SEO, usability and conversion.

for seo reasons, all should be done with one. 10+ years of WordPress design, development, hosting, speed optimization, product advisor, marketing, monetization.

This training is part of our free training subscription, take a look at all our online SEO training subscriptions!

Awesome community guy with tons of enterprise webhosting experience. This article presumes you have the plugin installed on your website already, but if you don’t, you can download the plugin from WordPress or you can install it from your back office.

Thanks. Jimmy Comack is Developer Relations Advocate at Yoast by day, gamer and film addict by night.

Translate “Quick 301 Redirects for WordPress” into your language. I would like to have straight redirect -> https://domain.pl to https://www.domain.pl and skip redirect chain: https:// to https:// to https://www. Reasons for this can be that you renamed a post and its URL, a page was removed or you want a different page to rank. In that case, you’re welcome to research on your own and try other methods of redirection. Method #2 is there because it works and the redirect chain is really not even an issue. (I recommend this method for everyone using Swift Performance plugin.). Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our products and services. wp_safe_redirect ( ‘http://domain.com/new-destination/’, 301 ) ; exit; }. This would make things much more complicated than the good old .htaccess redirects. An example of plain PHP could be as follows: I’ve also used Eggplant 301 Redirects and the Redirection plugin with great success. How to create a 301 redirect in WordPress. Johnny. Even if you’re worried about SEO, you have to know that Google will index the right one anyway. Thanks! Our Yoast SEO Premium plugin offers you a helping hand when it comes to creating these redirects.

Lol, yeah. I only have rewrites for Apache htaccess right now. I do all that. Tried so many, and this one actually works! Does this solve this problem also ?

I do all that. That said, how would a PHP redirect rule like this work in WordPress? The problem with Method #2 But what does this 301 mean and how does it differ from a 302 redirect? The name ‘redirect’ pretty much says it all: It sends visitors traveling to a specific page to an alternative one. Method 2 works for me (non-WordPress site). This is the exact reason why we created the Redirect Manager! An example of plain PHP could be as follows: And this is how you’d do the same, but now by using WordPress’ built-in function: If you forget to add the 301, both WordPress and PHP will both assume that it’s a 302 redirect, which isn’t always the case.

Either using your functions.php file in your themes directory, or via a PHP code insertor. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies (Privacy policy). This method is only available on Apache servers. I gave neutral code that works with any site. I tend to do redirects at the .htaccess level as this has the least performance impact.

I always do 301 redirects for client redesigns – it’s so important! The page that is redirected: This looping is something you want to avoid at all costs. I just installed it but it does not solved my proglem, Like my domain url having www with it but i want to redirect it to without www. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Descrizione. Also it is theme and plugin proof as by going the higher level route if you swap theme or plugins, you may find changes are lost.. New to WordPress? All combinations of those work for my desired result: non-www and https. WordPress security plugins SUCK! 302 redirects indicate that you only temporarily want visitors to be sent to a different page. 10+ years of WordPress design, development, hosting, speed optimization, marketing, monetization. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to accomplish this without a plugin. How to Add Simple 301 Redirects to your Website?

There will be times where you want to redirect visitors to a different part of your website when they visit a particular page or post.

Both send your users to a different page. . If we have problem with redirection, will our website effect ranking? Use Quick 301 Redirects to set up your 301 redirects in seconds, you can redirect internally to your domain or to any other domain. You would need a conditional statement to activate the code for certain posts or pages: if ( is_single( ‘id’ ) ) { That’s why I linked to it from homepage.

After saving your 301 301 redirects you’ll see a link button near each redirect that’ll allow you to test each and every 301 redirect.

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