10 Blended Learning Trends

Private tutors in Singapore have fully adapted to this new approach of teaching and are achieving tremendous results. Technology devices like iPads and tabs can be easily integrated with the old school of teaching to make learning more fun and effective.

Let’s have a look at ten top blended learning trends.

1. The learning experience needs to be focused on the students instead of the teachers. The students should be driven to ask questions and teachers to give answers from their experiences.

2. Since the number of students using online teaching aids is steadily increasing, teachers need to improvise to be able to handle their needs aptly.

3. The thinking skills of students need a boost in order for them to effectively apply the information they are given. The old school method of memorizing and not applying is soon becoming obsolete.

4. Private tutors in Singapore have realized the benefits that both students and teachers set to gain by following this new methodology. Only when both the parties feel the growth will a change come along.

5. A surge in data-driven decisions makes education an open platform of learning for administrators, teachers, and parents. When all parties will be on par, uniform growth can be expected.

6. Teachers need to have a personalized approach to teaching, by making the session lean, interactive, and blended for the students.

7. Everybody loves a good game. The teachers need to think of games that keep the classroom charged up. A few ways of doing that are-

Design challenges that are conceptual

Have a system for precise calibration

Give options for deeper levels of learning

Build the confidence

Be easily accessible

8. Mobile-based APPS are sure to catch the fancy of the students since they are busy in it all the time.

9. Allow students to have access to tabs laptops and other digital devices for reading in order for them to feel empowered with technology.

10. Finally, have an efficient broadband layout in order to support all digital learning projects.

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